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Is There Any Point to Prayer?

A reader sent me this question:

“Your article, Why Does God Allow People to Die Suddenly? brought up a few tangential questions for me. It appeared in that answer that ‘God’ or ‘Source’ made our souls but was pretty hands off from there. So I keep thinking what happens when we pray? Is there any point to prayer? It also seems like the spirit guides have more affect than Source or God once we are here. Is that true?” – Pamela

Yes, it’s true that God, or Source, creates our souls and then becomes pretty hands off so that we can explore the playground of life on our own terms.

Earth is designed to be a place for us to experience physicality, to seek experiences that we can only have while in a physical body.

Source does not desire to control our every move as that would completely ruin the experience for us. We are born with free will and our choices create our consequences.

Every time you make a decision, you are creating your life. Source is not the author of your story; you are.

So what happens when we pray? Does Source hear us?

Yes. Your prayer goes out into the universe like a beacon and it is received by Source, but there will be no action taken by Source because, again, that would ruin your experience.

However, like you mentioned in your question, our spirit guides also receive our prayers, and they are in a position to help guide or nudge us in the direction of our dreams.

So when you ask the universe for help, direct your prayers to your spirit guides. They are like the rangers on a mountain trail – there to help you navigate the journey, to help you stay safe on the path, and to help you have the experience you desire.

When you say to the universe, “Please help me find a job I will enjoy” your guides go to work to connect you with opportunities for a great job.

When you say to the universe, “Please help me find love” they go to work to connect you with a compatible soul.

And when you say, “Please let my husband survive this car accident” they do what they can from where they are, but they are not genies and cannot use magic or grant wishes. They have to work within the confines of physics. If the body is too damaged to continue living, the body will die, and the soul will return to the ether.

Your prayers are not wasted. When you pray, you are tapping in to what you desire and asking your spirit guides to help you manifest it.

Then, using free will and actions consistent with your goal, you will become a vibrational match for your desire.

For example, if you desire a healthier body, you will stop eating junk food and hit the gym.

If you desire a sense of fulfillment, you may volunteer at a charity.

If you want a higher paying job, you may get a new certification or go to college.

So is there any point to prayer?

Yes. But instead of seeing prayers as wishes, see them as a conscious acknowledgement of what you desire. Then work with your guides to manifest those desires.

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