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There Is No Marriage in Heaven

“My husband abused me in our marriage for 47 years, and then he died. When I die, do I really have to spend eternity with him? I would have divorced him while he was alive, but divorce goes against the teachings of my religion so I was stuck with him. The thought that I will be stuck with him for eternity really scares me.” – Johanna

I get a lot of questions like this during readings and via email. People believe that whoever they married while on Earth will be their partner for eternity. Nothing could be further from the truth.

First of all, marriage is a man-made concept. Marriage was originally designed to foster alliances, either social or political. It was used to ascertain the parentage of offspring, keep track of land ownership, and to ensure fidelity. Different cultures use marriage differently, but the bottom line on marriage is that it is an officially recognized union between specific people.

The other side – the Ether – has no such concept. People are not bonded to one soul for eternity. There are no legal or socially binding contacts on the other side.

In fact, when you get to the other side you’re going to be reunited with hundreds, and possibly thousands, of souls you’ve known or interacted with before.

Some of those souls will have been partners in other lives. Some will have been friends or family, or even former enemies.

Everyone you’ve ever known who has any interest in reconnecting with you will be available to you.

You get to decide with whom you will interact. You are not controlled by some piece of paper from one lifetime on Earth.

You will not have to reunite with a former partner if you don’t want to.

One thing I want to make clear though is that when we get back to the ether, we slough off our old characters and become our higher self again. The guy that was abusive during life may be completely different on the other side, much like an actor who played a villain in a movie is not a villain in real life.

You will have to reacquaint yourself with everyone you have known. Memories of times past will come flooding back to you.

There is no marriage in heaven. There are only souls who love each other and who have the freedom to interact with any other soul they want to.

You are not doomed to spend eternity with anyone you hated in life, no matter what vows you took during your marriage ceremony. You get to spend your time with everyone you have loved. It’s a beautiful thing.

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