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Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of emails from my readers, and I notice there are definitely a slew of frequently asked questions. Likely I have blogged about the topic already but since there are almost a thousand articles on my site, I get why people haven’t found a particular article.

So here is a FAQ to help you out. See if your question is in here:

How can I reunite with a loved one on the other side if they have already reincarnated?

The higher self stays put in the ether, and spawns another character to play the game of life. When you cross over, you will connect with the higher self of the person you knew in this life and you will remember them as you knew them, and you will also see them as they truly are. Please do not worry that your loved one has reincarnated and is unreachable. The soul you knew in this life is there on the other side.

Can you tell my deceased loved one that I miss him?

I can, but you are a better conduit for communication with your deceased loved ones than I am. They can hear you when you talk to them, they can see you when you call to them, and they know what you are going through. What you are really wanting is to hear back from them directly, and I get that. You want some reassurance that they are still around and are alright on the other side. In that case, booking a reading with a medium can be very comforting. But please rest assured they know you miss them.

With Earth’s population exploding, won’t we run out of souls on the other side? Where are all these souls coming from?

There are vast amounts of souls on the other side; frankly we probably have less than 1% of souls here on Earth. Source can create new souls anytime it wants to. Likewise, a soul can choose to stop incarnating and merge back with the energy of Source forever. The universe is vast. Our planet’s population is so small in comparison.

Do you worship the Devil? Do you believe in God? Do you believe in Jesus Christ?

I don’t worship anything or anyone, nor do I believe the Devil is real. I believe in a being I refer to as Source who is unconditionally loving and wants us to be happy. I do not believe in any sort of religious figure as religion is man-made. I have encountered energies on the other side that were extraordinarily powerful and loving.

When will I find my soul mate?

When you look in the mirror. You are a complete being in and of yourself. There is no soul assigned to love you. You will attract and interact with people on Earth, and you may enjoy their company and even hang out with each other for life, but that was not by design or intention, only manifestation.

Can you to come to my room tonight and pull me out of my body astrally?

I wish I could because I would love to give everyone the experience, but if I don’t personally know you, the odds of me being able to reach you are slim. Check out my Astral Projection book because it will explain how to trigger astral projection for yourself. It’s the best I can offer right now.

Can you send me lottery numbers?

Oh honey, if I could get lottery numbers don’t you think I’d give them to myself or my family? The lottery is not pre-determined, it is based on chance and randomization. No one on the other side knows what lottery numbers will be chosen, so no one can send you those numbers.

Am I being scammed by this psychic who says I’m cursed?

Yes, you are being scammed, and she’s not a psychic, she is a con artist, pure and simple. The number of people who write to me wanting to know if they should pay the “psychic” $20,000 for a tabernacle to rid themselves of a generational curse is astounding. I mean truly astounding. But the worst part is that after I tell them they are not cursed and they should not pay the fee, they still decide to pay the psychic “just in case” she’s right. Please, please don’t let a con artist rob you of your money.

Why do you charge for readings? This is a gift God gave you and you should give it away for free.

Everyone charges for their time and expertise whether they are working for themselves or for a boss. If I stopped charging for readings, I’d have to earn money doing something else and wouldn’t have time to read for my clients. I love the work I do and want to do it as often as possible. Helping people is vastly rewarding.

How can I get God to answer my prayers?

Source is not a genie and does not grant wishes. Source sets your feet on this Earth and gives you a little pat on your rear and says “Have fun, don’t hurt anyone, and be kind.” The rest is up to you. The free will with which you have been gifted can work in your favor or it can bite you in the ass. Every choice you make will bear a consequence. Make good choices.

Is God mad at me? Have I displeased Him?

No. That is impossible. You are a loving tendril of Source consciousness. There is nothing you can do that would cause you to be disconnected from Source. You are loved, unconditionally, at all times. Please take some comfort in that. If you have displeased yourself, make new choices. It’s never too late.

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