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Why Doesn’t God Just Destroy All the Demons?

Someone asked me the other day why God doesn’t just destroy all the demons and astral entities so they don’t bother us anymore. He wanted to know why God let them live in the first place.

I think I’ve probably written about this before but it bears repeating.

Demons and lower vibrational astral entities are part of creation. Just as are humans, animals, plants, insects, and everything with life in it in the universe.

We humans take a particular dislike towards demons and the other entities that want to suck our energy so they can thrive. That’s understandable as they represent a threat to our existence and/or sanity.

But wishing for God to just destroy something is a little self-centered.

Think of the rabbit asking God to destroy all the coyotes.

Think of the zebra asking God to destroy all the lions.

Think of the lizards asking God to destroy all the hawks.

Think of the chickens asking God to destroy all the humans.

For the most part, demons and lower vibrational entities don’t bother humans. Usually that only happens when the human steps into their domain or accidentally summons something they shouldn’t. It’s akin to poking a bee hive and then wondering why you got stung.

It’s actually really hard for a demon to interact with, possess, or destroy a human. There are many safeguards in place to prevent that. Humans do a lot more killing than demons do.

I’m not championing the demons, mind you. I’m just saying they have a right to their existence like anyone else does. Leave them alone, don’t step on their hive, and you’ll probably never have to worry.

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