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Can Deceased People Visit You Even If They’ve Crossed Over?

I was doing a reading the other day and my client asked me, “I know my mom is around me because I feel her all the time, but I’m worried because I don’t want her to be stuck here looking after me and my family when she could be enjoying Heaven. But admittedly, I don’t want her to go either because then I will be very sad. What can I do?”

There is a misconception that if a deceased person is visiting you it means they did not cross over and are maybe stuck on Earth or in limbo. This is not true.

When a person dies, they cross over. That means they leave this earthly plane and go back to the ether, or Heaven if that’s what you want to call it.

Most people cross over instantly, but some do linger for a little bit, usually if the death was so sudden that they are not quite sure they are actually dead. Some linger after a murder or accident because they feel they have unfinished business.

You can also linger a little bit if you are desperate to get back in your body. I see this with people who are in comas and then die, and I’ve seen it with celebrities like Michael Jackson who really did not want to be dead and stayed with his body for a while hoping for a miracle.

Some people will hover around their bodies for a bit before finally leaving the Earth plane and going to the other side.

But that doesn’t mean they are gone forever. A deceased person who has crossed over completely is fully capable of communicating with their living loved ones when they are ready. They don’t have to be stuck here to do it. They don’t have to be on this physical plane to “visit.”

Visiting is really about making an energetic connection between you and them. You can initiate that contact yourself by talking to your deceased loved ones or praying to them. They can initiate contact by coming to you in your dreams, knocking a picture off a wall, causing electrical disturbances in your home, or drawing your attention to something they cherished in life.

A visit just means they are communing with you. When you commune at the same time, your connection is strongest.

When we say that a deceased loved one is nearby it simply means they are reaching out to you from the other side. They are not with you ALL the time. They are with their loved ones on the other side as well.

So when you feel their energy, cherish it, but definitely don’t worry that you are holding them here or holding them up. They are likely making rounds to the living and their deceased buddies on the other side. Enjoy the visit!

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