Psychics Can’t Predict the Future, But They Can Do You One Better

In the car the other day my son, Kyle, told me there is a kid in his school who claims to be a psychic and able to predict the future. He asked me if my psychic abilities allowed me to predict the future. This is what I told him.

The future is not set in stone, so there is no way to accurately and reliably predict the future.

I do not know what WILL happen, but I can see trajectories and outcomes of those trajectories.

So when a client asks me in a reading, “Will my husband and I get divorced?” I cannot reliably say to them “Yes, you will” or “No, you won’t.” Nor would I try.

Instead, I use my client’s question as a launching point to look at the projected outcomes based on various trajectories.

So instead of asking her guides “Will they divorce?” I ask the guides to show me all the various outcomes based on the choices my client makes.

“Show me what happens if she stays on her current trajectory and nothing changes.” OK, got it.

“Show me what happens if they go to marriage counseling.” OK, got it.

“Show me what happens if she decides to have an affair.” Got it.

“Show me what happens if they improve their communication.” OK.

Then I say:

“Show me what has to happen for them to stay together happily.”

“Show me what happens to her life if they divorce. Is she happier?”

“Show me what happens to her financially if they divorce.”

“Is divorce for her highest good?”

I sort through all the data and explain to my client what happens on each path.

Free will makes prediction impossible; a person can alter their trajectory and thus their outcome at any time.

You are not locked into a certain outcome.

So the most powerful question you can ask a psychic is this: What do I need to do to get the outcome I desire, and will that be in my best interest?

Instead of “Will I get the job?” you want to ask “How can I get that job as quickly as possible? And will it make me happy?”

Instead of “Will I ever get married?” you want to ask “How can I find an amazing partner who is a great match for me?”

There’s a scene in Avengers: Infinity War where Dr. Strange looks at 14,000,605 futures to see if they can beat the villain, Thanos, in any of them. Strange comes back and tells the heroes there is only one path where they beat Thanos. Dire for sure, but based on what he saw he launches that one future into motion.

And so it is with all of us. The maze of life holds many paths, and it can be difficult to know which path leads to the outcome we desire. Discussing your options with an intuitive can give you the map to the maze so you don’t waste time going in a direction that leads away from your joy.

After I explained this all to my son he said, “That’s really powerful, Mom. I didn’t realize you could do all that. And you can do it without the Time Stone which makes you even more powerful than Dr. Strange.”

I laughed and said, “Yes, it is really powerful. People can create the future they desire. Nobody is at the mercy of fate.”

Then he asked, “How come other psychics make predictions? They tell people what’s going to happen.”

I replied, “I think when they do that they are only looking at the outcome of the trajectory the client is currently on. They are not looking to see any other possible outcome or how to reach them.”

He said, “So they don’t tell them about the other trajectories?”

I said “Exactly. It’s very limiting to do it that way though, and it really disempowers the client.”

He thought for a minute and said, “You should tell people about this. I think most people think their lives are pre-determined and that psychics can predict the future.”

I smiled and said, “I’m on it. I predict this will be my next article.” 😉

Trajectory complete!

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