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This Is How You’re Going to Feel About Your Life After You’re Dead

One of the top questions I receive from readers is this, “Will I have to come back to Earth after I’m dead?”

I get it. There is a lot of pain and suffering on Earth. It can be a huge struggle just to survive. Many people can’t imagine ever wanting to come back to Earth, and if you’ve had a difficult life it’s easy to understand why you wouldn’t want to come back.

So it’s going to come as a huge shock to you when you reach the other side and are immediately filled with gratitude for the life you led. Yes, even if you suffered horrible misfortune, even if you killed yourself, even if you were tortured, you’re still going to want to come back.


Getting to experience physicality is one of the greatest joys a soul can have. Your natural state is an energetic being with no physicality at all. When you’re in the ether you are a frequency, a quantum wave of consciousness that experiences great union with other souls and Source.

But coming to Earth? It’s a gift. It’s something many (though not all) souls choose to experience. Even knowing you may suffer, you will choose to come. Even knowing you may be sad, you will choose to come. Because the opportunities and the experiences on Earth are treasured by our souls.

I’ve used the amusement park metaphor many times, but here it comes again. Some people come to the park to ride the kiddie coaster where it’s safe and comfortable, and some come because they want the thrill of hurtling on a track upside down and backwards and forwards. It’s scary, but it’s also a rush.

When you get to the other side you’re going to metaphorically sit by the campfire with your loved ones and regale them of your tales on Earth. “So my mother died when I was 14 and that really knocked me for a loop. I started doing drugs and I even ended up in jail for assaulting someone. But then I got sober, I found my strength, went to college, became a therapist, and helped hundreds of people get off drugs. I had two beautiful children, one of whom was autistic, and that was difficult, but her energy was a total delight to be around and she lit people up when she was near. I ended up getting liver cancer and I died early as you can see by my arrival here just yesterday at the ripe old age of 53, but I gotta tell you, I wouldn’t have traded a moment of it. It was an incredible experience. I can’t wait to go again and try another life path.”

And the reason we want to come back is because in our heart of hearts we remember that our soul will always be safe while we are on this journey of life. We know that nothing can truly harm us, and that all pain is temporary.

Let’s not forget that life is full of joy if we choose to accept that. The brilliant sunsets, the ardent relationships with lovers, the bliss of holding your baby in your arms, the gelato. There are so many experiences we get to have here that we cannot have as non-corporeal beings.

Embrace the ride. Extract as much joy from this physical life as you can. When you go back Home to the ether you’re going to take a breather, analyze this life, commune with your loved ones, and then probably get in line to ride the coaster again.

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