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The Prayers You Feel

“May I pray for you?” the doctor asked me.

We were just finishing up with my appointment. I’d been with him for 45 minutes, discussing my situation in great detail. He was thorough, empathetic, and insightful.

Then he hit me with that question. “May I pray for you?”

I’m not a religious person by any means, and I didn’t feel a strong need for prayer, but the way he asked was so sweet and sincere.

I said, “Yeah, sure, why not?”

He closed his eyes and bowed his head. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to do the same, so I just sat there waiting for him to begin.

He said, “Dear Lord. I pray that you will allow this woman to live a long and healthy life. Keep her healthy so that she may spend as much time as possible with her family.”

I started to get a chill running down my spine and right arm. I recognized immediately that this man had made a connection to Source. Not everyone does that when they pray, but this guy obviously knew exactly what he was doing.

The chill I felt immediately raised my vibration. He continued his prayer.

“I ask that you protect her and keep her body whole, and that you give her strength to endure any hardship or challenge that comes her way,” the doctor continued.

Now I decided to try something. I tuned in to his prayer, the same way I would tune in during a reading with a client. I saw tendrils of energy coming down into him, wrapping him in a bubble of energy.

Then I saw those tendrils reaching from him to me. As they touched me I was filled with the most positive, loving energy ever. I felt my entire body relax into this energy. He continued praying.

“I ask that your plans for her contain joy and long life, and that you see fit in your wisdom to guide her when she needs help and to support her when she is suffering.”

My spirit lifted. My vibration was so high.

He finished the prayer with, “In Jesus’ name I pray. Thank you Lord for your blessings.”

I was so shocked by what I had just experienced. I had never seen someone make such a strong connection with Source energy during a prayer. And I had certainly never felt the physical and energetic impact of being on the receiving end of it.

He physically channeled that energy into me. I know it will sound a bit hokey, but I could feel the energy weaving through the fibers of my being and knitting me back together on some level. It was powerful, uplifting, and it felt amazing.

I was also really impressed that this doctor combined his physical training with his spiritual training and offered both to his patients. You don’t see that often in the doctor’s office.

He left the room and asked me to remain behind and wait for the nurse to bring me some papers. I was happy to just sit there basking in the glow of that prayer.

My entire day was better after that. I had more energy, and I was more tuned in to others.

I know that sometimes when people pray they just say the words, but this man opened himself up to be a conduit of loving Source energy, and I felt it. Boy, did I feel it!

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