Why Do Spiritual People Charge for their Services?

This is an email I got through my contact form recently.

“My friends and I have wondered, and in no way meaning to be snarky or critical, but why is it that people who have spiritual knowledge, psychic abilities, and solutions to offer the world regarding higher consciousness charge an astronomical fee for services? Services that cost absolutely nothing to create. We are asking the blogs and website owners similar to yours this same question in our effort to understand the motive and direct this information to those who need it the most. Those who are suffering from the density that capitalism creates. Thank you for your consideration and input.”

This is a question I am asked frequently, and I may have touched on this topic in a previous article many years ago, but let’s explore it again.

There are two paths
There are some talented and gifted intuitives and spiritual people who absolutely do not want to make money off their gifts, so they offer readings for free or for a small donation. Or they channel spiritual wisdom and put it out there for everyone to receive.

In order to have food, clothing, and shelter in their lives, they probably do other work that pays them. Everyone has to eat right? So maybe in their day jobs they are a mechanic, a social worker, a toll booth attendant, etc. so they can put food on the table.

The downside of this path is that these folks could be helping more people if they weren’t also at their day jobs. If they love their day jobs, great. But if they hate the day job, they could switch over to being a full time professional intuitive and earn money doing what they love and helping more clients.

The second path is that of the professional full-time intuitive. Generally speaking, they spend their time honing their intuitive abilities to a fine point so that they can provide the utmost value to their clients. They dedicate their entire working day to helping people find their paths.

They charge for their services so they can feed their families, and so they are free to do the work full time instead of going to a day job and doing readings on the side when they have time.

Why do some intuitives charge astronomical rates?
All service professionals trade time for money. Doctors, lawyers, hair dressers, accountants, bartenders.

Those who are best in their fields experience high demand, but supply is limited to the number of physical hours they can work in a day. The best doctor in the world can’t do 5 surgeries at the same time. A lawyer can only be at one trial at a time. A hair dresser can only style one person’s hair at a time.

Supply and demand drive the price. Additionally, the level of expertise also drives the price. The best criminal defense lawyer in the world will be in high demand and his fees will be high because he has demonstrated proven results.

As in any profession, there are intuitives who are stellar and some who are not very good. When you are trying to decide what path to take in life you can expect to pay a higher fee to a psychic with a high accuracy rate.

But services don’t actually cost anything
Oh contraire. All service professionals worth their salt have put in thousands of hours of studying, training, and practice to get good at their craft. Some will have spent thousands of dollars on certifications, degrees, or ongoing education.

And you want them to. You want your service professional to constantly be improving right?

If you have to get heart surgery would you prefer to go to the surgeon who has done 8,000 bypasses or the person doing his first one?

While there may be no physical product involved, service professionals provide incredible value to those they serve. Do you want just any guy in the pilot seat of your airplane, or do you want someone who can handle any emergency?

Professional intuitives are service professionals; their product is acccurate guidance and results.

What about spiritual wisdom?
Shouldn’t spiritual wisdom you download from the ether be given freely to everyone?

Again we’re talking about the time and energy involved in learning how to tune in to the highest, most pure frequencies, taking time to download that information, and putting it in a blog or book or video.

Some channelers will post that content for free while they go to their day jobs, and some will choose to focus on it full time so they can provide the most value to humanity that they are able.

On my blog you’ll find about a thousand articles that are free to anyone who wants to read them. But you can also book a session with me if you want personal help with your personal situation.

The bottom line is that intuitives and channelers are just like any other service-oriented professional. Supply and demand, and level of expertise drive their prices. As a consumer you are free to choose whoever you want to guide you, but you usually get what you pay for.

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