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Are You Scraping Your Vehicle on the Guardrail of Life?

Have you ever held on to something long after it was good for you?

For example, have you ever stayed in a job you hate because you didn’t know how to transition to a better job?

Have you held on to a marriage that no longer made you happy because you were afraid to be alone? Or afraid to hurt your children? Or afraid of economic hardship?

Have you ever tolerated an abusive partner, friend, or co-worker because you didn’t want to create conflict or rock the boat?

Often when I am doing readings for clients, I hear their spirit guides talk to them about discomfort and course corrections.

To use an analogy, imagine you are driving a car around a race track. If you aren’t handling the curves very well, you may bump into the guard rails on the outside of the track.

Bam! You turn your wheels so that you move back to the middle of the track again.

Bam! You hit the guardrail again and it’s jarring, so you move back to the middle.

Life has guardrails too. They are there to keep you from flying off the track, to remind you that you are veering too far outside your optimal path.

So when you feel bitter towards your partner, you are hitting a guardrail of life.

When you feel angry at your boss for some injustice, you are feeling the bump of hitting the guardrail.

When you feel a sense of hopelessness that you cannot change your path, you’re scraping against the guardrail.

These are signs for you to adjust your course back to where you are free flowing again.

Some people don’t get the hint and they ride that guardrail, sparks flying off their vehicle as it scrapes violently against the guardrail.

Maybe you keep riding that guardrail until your tires pop, your windows shatter, or your side mirror flies off the door. By the end of the ride your car is torn into pieces, bashed against the concrete too long, and non-functional.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you are hitting the guardrail of life, ease off the accelerator, slow down for a bit, get your bearings, and turn your vehicle back towards the middle where you can drive freely and without angst.

That might mean consciously letting go of something you’re used to like a job, friendship, or partner. It’s okay to let that go.

Don’t be afraid of course corrections. The discomfort is there to give you contrast, to help you realize you need to move, to make different decisions, to stop bashing your vehicle against the concrete.

Life wasn’t meant to be hard. We were meant to race around the track of life enjoying our speed, enjoying the beauty around us, and living an exhilarating, powerful life. You are not obligated to scrape along that guardrail.

Get your vehicle off the guardrail and enjoy driving again!

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