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Why Don’t Lightworkers Warn People About Upcoming Disasters?

Someone asked me recently why lightworkers, intuitives and channelers don’t use their abilities to warn people about an imminent terrorist attack, a plane crash, or a major earthquake or other natural disaster.

It’s a good question. On the surface it seems like these folks just don’t care about humanity if they are not willing to try to prevent senseless deaths.

But there’s a lot more to it.

One of the reasons an intuitive cannot tell you about a terrorist attack or major disaster is because they don’t know it’s coming. People like to think psychics know the future, but they don’t. They can only see possibilities. The future is not set in stone.

It’s true that an intuitive can see strong possibilities and weak possibilities, but they cannot see what will definitely happen since nothing is definite until it’s actually happening.

So if a psychic tells you that your plane is going to crash, that psychic is only seeing one possible outcome for that airplane. There may still be time for an aircraft mechanic to discover and fix a problem with the engine, or there may be time for the pilot to get enough sleep so he does not make a sleep-deprived decision that downs the plane, or any other number of interventions that might take place to prevent that possibility from occurring.

Let’s talk about the ethics of making a prediction.

How many psychics have predicted something horrible about to befall humanity and then it doesn’t happen? I’ve seen psychics make predictions about who will win an election, but they are wrong. I’ve seen psychics make predictions about major earthquakes, that don’t happen. I’ve seen psychics warn about an imminent terrorist attack, that never manifests.

When an intuitive tells humanity that something bad is going to happen, like the end of the world (remember the Mayan calendar ending in 2012 everyone?) it puts people into a panic. I had a client quit her job and stop paying her bills because she was sure the world was ending, and when it didn’t she had no home and no income.

It is irresponsible of anyone to use their power and influence to put people into a state of fear over an unverifiable prediction.

Likewise, predicting the outcome of an election and then getting it wrong just says to the world that psychics are not to be believed or trusted. It hurts the industry and erodes confidence.

Let’s talk about the 9/11 tragedy in America. Many people received intuitive nudges from their spirit guides not to go to work that morning and some followed the advice and were nowhere near the towers when they fell. But that is not up to a psychic to say; that’s up to a person’s individual spirit guides to send a warning when they can see for sure that an attack is imminent.

And spirit guides can and will send intuitive nudges. In fact, they are sending you signs, signals, and synchronicities all the time. Being able to tune in to your spirit guides to receive messages can even save your life. Study intuition if you want access to that kind of forewarning.

I know that a lot of psychics, channelers, and lightworkers use prediction-shock to make a name for themselves, meaning the more outlandish the prediction the more people think they are magical omniscient beings with a direct line to Source. But what happens when they are wrong 95% of the time?

In my opinion, the job of an intuitive is to help you find the mountain you want to climb and tell you how to get to the summit. It’s not the job of an intuitive to tell you that you will or won’t get to the summit; that’s very disempowering.

When clients come to me for a reading, they are instructed not to ask “Will X happen?” but instead to ask “How can I get X to happen as soon as possible?” The first question, no psychic can truly answer with any accuracy. The second question puts the power in your hands. You make your own path.

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