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How Quickly Can Spirit Guides Reroute your Plans When Things go Awry?

A reader sent me this question recently and it’s a good one. He wanted to know if spirit guides can quickly and efficiently make new plans for you if something unexpected happens or knocks you off track. Or do they sort of sit there stunned and say “We’re gonna need a minute.”

First, a reminder about what spirit guides do for you. Spirit guides are the non-corporeal beings assigned to you before you were born whose job it is to help you accomplish your life intention, your goals, and your desires.

Your higher self (or oversoul) decides to incarnate and picks spirit guides that are perfectly suited to help you have the life you desire.

Your spirit guides stay with you through life, broadcasting information to you that’s designed to move you in the direction you want to go. Notice that they help you get what YOU want, they don’t force an agenda on you. You have free will and you’re allowed to go any direction you want.

But spirit guides will send you reminders (sometimes poignant reminders) of what your higher self intended for you, just in case you forgot. Then you get to decide if you want to listen or not.

When I do readings for my clients, I am tuning in to their spirit guides to pass along messages designed to help them get where they want to go as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Your spirit guides are constantly broadcasting information to you, but if you don’t know how to tune in to your intuition, you may miss that information. There’s a course for that. 😉

So, let’s go back to the original question. Right now we are in the midst of a Corona Virus situation. People are staying home and millions of people are out of work. Did our spirit guides see this coming? Were they broadcasting information to us designed to help us prepare for this shut down?

They did not know it was coming until the wheels were firmly in motion. At any given time we can be hit by something unexpected; nothing is fated or predestined to happen, so spirit guides don’t know for sure that something specific is coming until the trajectory of that event becomes overwhelmingly locked in place.

At that time, they do begin to send advice and guidance related to the new circumstances in which people find themselves. And they DO begin to make new plans based on new projections and new trajectories.

So the answer to the question about how quickly spirit guides can reroute us when something unexpected happens is that it happens instantly. They immediately begin to make new plans and set a new course for us. That course may solidify more strongly as time goes on, and as new variables are added to the equation, but there won’t be much downtime if any.

Can spirit guides get you back on the trajectory you were on before the unexpected event happened? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.

Think of it like you’re walking through a maze and you’re heading right for the object of your desire, but then a tree falls across your path and you have to go another way. Initially it could even look like you need to go back the way you came, or go in a direction you had no intention of going.

But eventually they will reroute you around the obstacle blocking your path, and get you back on a trajectory that leads to your goal.

Trust that they know what they’re doing because they can see the entire maze from above and know how to guide you. From your perspective it may feel like you have no chance of getting where you wanted to go, but usually your guides can find you another path.

Along the way you may see something else you desire, and that’s okay too. You are allowed to change your goals and desires any time in life.

So as we navigate Corona, and as we navigate the next big event that might block our path, trust that your guides have it all under control. Listen to their wisdom and advice, and you will still make it to your goals. You might just have to take the scenic route.

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