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Now Might be the Time to Consider a Career Change

A lot of the readings I’m doing during this pandemic are related to career path and financial security.

So many people have been laid off, furloughed or even fired. There is great uncertainty in these times, and that can cause great stress.

But there is also an opportunity. If you’ve been considering switching career paths this could actually be a very good time to plan for a change.

Take a zero sum approach. Ask yourself, “If I could move into any career path I wanted, what would it be?”

Make a list of the careers that have always interested you. This might be the perfect time to let go of something that wasn’t really making you happy and move towards something that will.

If you are staying at home right now, consider doing some online learning.

Research what it would take to move into another career. Would you need a degree or certification? Are there books you can read or videos you could watch that would move you faster onto a new path?

Use this time to prepare for change.

If you’ve always wanted to write a book, compose music, make art, learn to dance, improve your cooking or baking skills, this could be your chance.

If you want to go into medicine or finance or real estate, use this time to study, learn, prepare, and plan for how you will do that when you’re able. Then you can hit the ground running.

Many of the people I’ve been reading for have said this pandemic was a blessing as it really showed them how much they wanted to let go of the old and try something new.

They are asking their guides the best way to move forward on a path that will make them happy.

In every disaster there are blessings. In every crisis there is hope. People wake up to what’s important, and they come out of the crisis with new, stronger energy and resolve.

If you are ready to shed an old career, this is the perfect time to plan for the next one.

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