Do Spirit Guides Consult with Other Spirit Guides Before They Give Advice?

When I do readings for my clients, I am tuning in to their spirit guides to get wisdom, insight, and practical advice that will help them get what they desire in the area of career, relationships, finances, health, spirituality, etc.

Recently a client asked me if spirit guides ever consult the guides of other people you are asking about before they give advice. For example, if my client wants to know if she should stay with her husband or divorce him, am I only getting information from HER guides or do HIS guides also give their input?

It’s a great question.

Each person has their own set of spirit guides, which are our unseen helpers on the other side who help guide us to achieving our goals and desires.

But spirit guides do speak with the spirit guides of those close to their human charge.

So in this example, let’s say the wife’s guides think she should separate from her husband because he is emotionally and mentally abusive. Would the husband’s guides agree with that? Would they too advise the wife to leave her partner?

What I have discovered is that for the most part, the spirit guides do agree on courses of action for the parties involved. But not all the time. I’ll give you an example from a reading I did a while back.

Sherri (not her real name) was seeing a man named Paul (also not his real name) and they were having an affair. Sherri wanted to be with Paul permanently, but Paul was staying with his wife and children and did not intend to end his marriage. But he loved Sherri and wanted to continue to see her.

Sherri’s guides advised her that Paul was a great match for her and if he would divorce his wife then the two of them would live happily ever after.

But when I consulted Paul’s guides they said that while they wholeheartedly agreed that Paul and Sherri would be great together and that Paul’s marriage was over a long time ago, that Paul’s primary concern was the well-being of his children.

Paul’s guides knew that if he divorced his wife to be with Sherri that Paul’s children’s life paths would take a drastic turn and not for the better.

In weighing the pros and cons, Paul’s guides put “staying married” at a higher value than Paul divorcing his wife to be with Sherri.

In this case, Sherri was told that Paul was indeed a good match for her but that he was very unlikely to be free of his marriage any time soon. She was then advised to consider that finding a new partner who was immediately available would be better for her happiness than waiting for Paul to one day decide to divorce his wife.

Sherri was disappointed but she understood Paul’s commitment to his children and that he was willing to sacrifice some of his own happiness to protect his children.

Sherri was then left with the decision to continue the affair or find a new partner. Both paths were viable for her, and it was her decision which she would follow.

I’ve also done a reading where a man wanted to know if he should leave his job in Los Angeles to move to San Diego. He didn’t care much for his current manager and had received a lucrative offer in San Diego, but it would mean that his wife had to quit her job and his children would be uprooted from their schools and friends.

His guides were certain that the job in San Diego would be better for him. No doubt about it. But they also knew, from consulting the guides of the wife and kids, that their lives would take a turn for the worse.

They conveyed this to him and he understood that moving was good for him but not for his family. His guides were working on a way for him to stay in Los Angeles and get a better job so he wouldn’t have to uproot his family but so he could also be happy.

Overall the guides will try to work together for the highest good of all parties affected, but sometimes it can’t be done. Sometimes one party is going to benefit more than the other, and sometimes one party will be hurt or bereft.

In those cases, the guides try to help find a new path that helps everyone achieve happiness, but it can take a little while to navigate the maze.

So to sum up, guides do work with and consult with other spirit guides for the highest good of all parties involved, but sometimes someone gets the short end of the stick. In all cases, however, the spirit guides will then work with that person to find a new path to happiness.

Life is fluid, and our spirit guides work tirelessly to help us navigate the maze of our lives. As one door closes, they will open new ones.

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