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Is It Your Karma to Suffer?

A common question I get during readings is, “Am I just here to suffer? Did I do something in a previous life to deserve this suffering? Is it just my karma?”

Hear me now. You did not come here to suffer.

There is no divine plan that sends someone into physicality with an edict that they will suffer physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually.

Earth is not a torture chamber for past sins.

Nothing you did in a previous life dooms you to suffer in this one. Even if you committed atrocities in a past life, you do not come here for punishment.

The slate is clean, your life here is new, fresh, and full of possibilities.

So what causes suffering then?

Choices, consequences, free will, and your actions.

Every action you take while you’re on Earth will have some sort of reaction and repercussion.

If you allow yourself to be abused by a partner, you will suffer physically, mentally, and emotionally.

If you engage in extreme sports you may break a bone or two.

If you keep getting fired from your jobs maybe it’s because you don’t have a strong work ethic or good work habits.

Suffering is not ever pre-planned. Suffering is the result of the free will actions you take and the consequences they naturally generate.

If you feel you are suffering, make different choices, and see what happens.

Your life path is in your hands. You chose to incarnate; no one sent you here against your will. And no one sent you here to suffer.

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