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Do Spirit Guides Ever Give Up on Us?

Recently someone sent me an email asking if spirit guides ever give up on us. She mentioned that for a long while her life was really flowing, she was happy, and things she wanted were coming easily to her.

Then she hit a patch where nothing seemed to go right. She wondered if perhaps her guides had given up on her.

Do spirit guides ever give up on us?

First a quick refresher on spirit guides. They are the non-corporeal beings assigned to us before birth to help us navigate the maze of life and nudge us in the direction of our dreams and the fulfillment of our life intentions.

Spirit guides are experts are their jobs. It’s a sacred duty and contract to be there for a living human, to help them find happiness in their journey of life.

Spirit guides are infinitely patient, understanding, and dedicated.

So they don’t give up on us.

Even when we make decisions that take us away from our dreams.

Even when we connect with people who hurt us.

Even when we take actions that deteriorate our physical bodies and bring this ride of life to an abrupt and unexpected end.

Spirit guides are with us through thick and thin, all the way to the end.

So what does it mean if your life was flowing smoothly and all of a sudden it’s now going downhill fast?

It means we may not be hearing our guides, because they are always broadcasting useful and practical information.

It means we may be hearing our guides but not acting on the advice they give us. We have free will and sometimes we take a path we know isn’t good for us. Spirit guides can’t stop us from doing that if we desire.

It means sometimes the free will action of others drowns out the voice of our own intuition, and we listen to people who lead us astray.

Your guides will always broadcast information designed to help you on your path. You can learn how to hear them better and more often by checking out my Intuition Development Course.

But even if you never actively and consciously receive their broadcast, please rest assured they are always working on your behalf, nudging, guiding, whispering wisdom in your ear.

Your life functions best when you pick up the thread of joy and follow it. So if you’re not getting what you desire in life, identify the next joyous thing you want to attract and pick up the thread. Then ask your guides to help you follow it to the goal.

They will always help you.

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