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Your Deceased Loved Ones Are Not Suffering

One of the top questions people ask me during readings is “Can you tell me if my loved one is okay on the other side? Are they still suffering?”

I want to reassure you that when we cross over we leave behind all suffering.

Physical ailments are gone

Any physical ailments a person may have had disappear. We become energy, sloughing off the physical body like a butterfly leaving its cocoon.

There is no physicality on the other side. So if a person had a stroke, or heart attack, or emphysema, or any other physical ailment, injury, illness, or deformity, it’s gone when they die.

One of the things I often hear from deceased people is what a relief it was to die because they are no longer in pain or discomfort.

Mental impairments are gone

If your loved one had dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, that’s gone too. They get all their memories back, they know who they are, they remember everything.

Not only do you get your memories from this life back, you get to recall all the incarnations you’ve had and those memories as well.

Emotional issues are gone

People who suffered in life from depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, sadness, anger, being bi-polar, are completely relieved of that when they cross over.

Even people who commit suicide are able to release the despair and hopelessness they felt. It happens pretty fast, within minutes of crossing over, as a person releases the character they were playing in this life, and there is a return to peace.

Spiritual struggles are gone

People who cross over feeling unresolved issues are able to let them go. Perhaps you were fighting with your family when you died and never got resolution. You are able to release the drama immediately upon crossing over.

Your life review helps you understand things you couldn’t see or handle when you were alive. Helpers on the other side assist you in releasing expectations, regrets, dreams that never materialized.

Crossing over brings a tremendous amount of peace. Please do not worry that your loved ones are helpless, ill, afraid, or sad on the other side. How they were when they died is not how they are on the other side.

They are vibrant, excited to be home, excited to reconnect with deceased loved ones, happy to be free of the struggles of physical life.

They don’t want you to remember them suffering. They want you to think of them as whole, unfettered by their mortal coils, free!

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