How Spirit Guides Help You on a Daily Basis

Recently I was heading out to a doctor appointment that started at 10 am. Due to Covid rules, they told me to enter the building no earlier than 9:55 am for my 10 am appointment. Sounded just fine.

As this was a doctor I had never been to before, I got there a bit early in case I had trouble finding the building and suite in the medical park. But I found the address and parked at 9:35 am. I waited in my car, intending to go in right at 9:55 am.

At 9:52 am my guides said to me clairaudiently, “Go now.”

I responded, “It’s too early. I don’t want to violate their rule. It’s literally going to take me 5 seconds to walk in the door. I can wait.”

The guides said once more, “Go right now.”

It was a strong verbal directive. I have learned to listen to the voice of my guides when they broadcast information to me even if I don’t know the reason why I’m being told to do something.

So I got out of the car, went to the door, opened it and walked inside. The receptionist asked me who I was there to see and I said “Dr. Wang.”

She said, “You’ve got the wrong building. Dr. Wang’s office is around the corner.”

Oh! The address was correct but I was not even close to the right suite number.

I left the suite and started walking, not exactly sure where I was going. I rounded the corner and had to look at all the suite numbers. Finally, I found the right location and walked in. Right at 9:55 am.

You might be thinking, “What’s the big deal? So your guides knew you were parked in front of the wrong building and sent you in early. Not exactly life-saving information.”

You’re right, it wasn’t. But I’m sharing this story to illustrate to you that your guides are looking out for you ALL the time, for big things like avoiding a collision, and for small things like getting to a doctor appointment right on time.

They can see what you’re doing, and they constantly broadcast information to you that’s designed to help you achieve desires, both big and small.

If you’ve read some of my articles, or taken my Intuition Development Course, you will know that one time I was in the grocery store and I heard my guides tell me to buy hamburger buns. I knew I had hamburger buns at home so I completely ignored their advice. When I got home and pulled the buns out of the refrigerator, they were completely moldy.

I learned from that experience that our guides are looking out for us all the time.

I love and appreciate that I have wise, insightful, unseen helpers who are dedicated to protecting me and caring for me and my needs.

If you have not developed your intuition or your ability to receive information from your guides, you may still be able to hear or sense when they send you an urgent warning, such as if you are about to be in a car accident, or trip on the stairs. Your guides will use a ton of energy to send you those types of warnings because they have to break through to you when the “psychic radio” isn’t even on.

If you have developed your intuition and you’ve spent time communing with your guides, you will find that you hear even the faintest whisperings such as when to get to a doctor appointment or that your buns are moldy.

Earlier this year I had another instance where I was leaving my bedroom in the morning to go downstairs and start working. My guides said “Grab your radio.”

My radio is the walkie talkie I use to communicate with my Search and Rescue team. I usually only have my radio on when we are on a mission. We weren’t, so I didn’t see any logical reason to take it downstairs with me. But I figured, “What the heck, if the guides think I need it, I’ll take it.”

I turned it on, monitoring our main frequency, and put it on my desk and went on with my work. About an hour later one of my team mates came on the radio with an emergency situation that needed to be acted upon right away. I was the only one listening at the time and I was able to send him help. That would not have happened if my radio was upstairs.

It’s difficult enough to receive an intuitive broadcast when you’re listening out for it, like during a meditation to connect with your guides. But it’s even harder to receive intuitive information when you’re not listening for it and just going on about your day.

The benefit to training your intuitive muscles is that you can use them even when you’re not trying. The more connection you create with your guides now, the easier it will be for them to connect with you when you need a little help or a lot of help.

How connected are you with your spirit guides right now? Can they reach you with an urgent message easily or do they have to cut through the din?

You can strengthen your intuition by practicing your clairs. My Intuition Development Program will train you on how to do that. You can also attend seminars or workshops, read books, or listen to audio programs.

But you must practice to strengthen your abilities. The time you spend today could save your life down the road, or at the very least get you to your doctor appointments on time.

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