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Does Divine Intervention Exist?

I get a lot of emails that go something like this:

Why didn’t God save my wife from cancer? Was she unworthy?

I’ve prayed for a new job and God has not sent me one. Did I do something to offend him?

Why does God allow war? Can’t he stop all the killing?

Where was God when that truck slammed into my car and put me in the hospital for 3 months?

In my article, Who Should You Reach Out to on the Other Side? I go over all the unseen helpers working in the background on our behalf. It’s really important to know who does what so you know who to reach out to when you need help in this incarnation.

In that article, you will note that God does not do divine intervention.

God/Source/Creator spawned your soul so that you could experience life in the ether, and when you were ready, life on Earth.

You chose to incarnate into the body and life you’re in right now so that you could experience physicality.

You have complete free will while you are here. Free will is the gift you are given so that you may explore what brings you joy on Earth.

You want free will. You don’t want every step you take to be pre-ordained. You don’t want something controlling your every move.

That would be like going to Disneyland and being given a strict schedule of the rides you could go on in the order you are given.

Instead, this Earth, this incarnation, is a free-for-all. You get to go on whatever ride you fancy. You get to take breaks when you want, and go on rides twice in a row if you want, and ride with new people and old friends.

What you don’t get on Earth is divine intervention. The beings who help us on the other side wouldn’t dream of interfering with your journey. How rude would it be for them to hack the program and force actions upon you.

Everything you experience is based on free will, either yours or someone else’s. And everything you see on planet Earth today (good or bad) was co-created by us as a collective.

Now that doesn’t mean our helpers aren’t rooting for our success. And it doesn’t mean we are totally alone here.

You’ll read in that article that you have spirit guides who can send you information about what’s coming up on the path, and then you can decide if you want to have that experience or change course.

Imagine you were the captain of a ship and you’re sailing across the Atlantic intending to get to England. You may hit some major storms along the way, or you might lose your navigation and wander lost for a time. Maybe your food stores are depleted sooner than you intended. Perhaps there’s a mutiny underway.

But now imagine someone comes along and tells you that you are about to hit a storm, or that your ship mates are plotting to throw you overboard, or that you need to turn 12 degrees to starboard to stay on course.

Those are your guides helping you navigate the ocean. That’s a form of divine intervention that’s akin to receiving a map of the terrain instead of having to navigate blindly.

And that’s about all you get.

You get advice, wisdom, insight, and a nudge or two in the direction you want to go.

But there is no being that is going to lift your ship and park it safely on the shores of England. You have to get there on your own.

You can get there in 2 years or 3 months depending on whether you’re listening to your spirit guides.

Could God stop wars, prevent cancer, gift you with a new job, or prevent you from getting into an accident? Yes, Source is powerful enough to alter reality instantly.

But you don’t want God to do that. I know you think you do because who wants to experience pain here, right?

But your higher self does not want the physical experience controlled like that.

You will remember this more clearly once you cross over.

For now, try to understand that God performing miracles for you to get what you want is akin to always tying your child’s shoe and never letting him learn to do it himself.

Yes, there is struggle here. There is pain and suffering.

It’s part of the deal. It’s part of the challenge. And it’s even part of the fun.

You signed up for this. You want the challenge. You want to see what you can accomplish when you can’t get a miracle to save you.

So don’t look to God for intervention. Use your personal power to create the life you desire, and help co-create the planet on which you want to live.

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