Is God in All of Us?

From the Ask Erin mailbag comes this question from Mia: “I know you say God is in all of us, that we are a part of God. I’m confused. Does this mean we are a part of God like we are his children or are we actually God? Does God have a personality of his own as we do? If you could explain more on this, I would be very grateful, because I have been going back and forth on this subject for quite some time now.”

This is a great question and I am asked variations on this question quite a bit.

One of the reason’s I refer to God as Source is because when you say the word “God” people conjure up a religious idea in their minds. They see God as an omniscient being in human form, creating, judging, loving, guiding, and basically ruling the Earth and the people he created.

The way I’ve seen it, Source is an energetic consciousness that vibrates at a certain frequency I don’t have the scientific background to describe.

God is not a he or a she. God is not in human form at all.

Think of Source more like the ocean. Source is vast and omnipresent. Then think of yourself as a drop in the ocean. If you take a drop out of the ocean it is still part of the ocean, it is still made up of the ocean, but now it’s having its own individual experience.

If all of us humans are drops in the ocean, together we make up the entire ocean. So in that sense, we are part of Source, and we are in fact Source. We are a drop of Source having an experience as a human before returning to Source when we die.

When we die, we slough off the human body and merge back with the vast ocean that is Source. We bring our unique experiences to the collective. And when we desire to incarnate again, we will form our drop and be individual for a time.

But there is always Source in us.

Another analogy I like is that God is the body and we are the cells inside the body. Some of us are skin cells, some are liver cells, some are red blood cells, etc. Together we make up the body of Source.

And while we may look different to one another, we are all part of what makes the body whole. Everyone is crucial, no one is more or lesser than another cell.

In terms of whether God has a personality, if I had to ascribe a personality to a frequency it would be love. God is love.

Because we carry Source energy inside us at all times, if you can tune in to that Source energy you will remember the unconditional love frequency you hold in your spiritual DNA.

When I remember to do this, I am comforted beyond belief.

Tap into your God-self and remember that you are loved. Always.

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