Can You Pre-Plan Your Next Life?

A while back, after completing a past life reading for a client, she asked if there was a way to know what her next life would be. She wanted to know if her higher self had already planned out her next life and if I could get a glimpse of what was coming up for her in that future life.

This fascinated me greatly. Would it be possible to tune in to a future life the same way I could tune in to a past life?

On Earth, time appears linear. We have a past, present, and future. Our consciousness does not bop around in the time line, but maintains a linear path, so we can easily access memories of our past, relative to our present, but we can’t typically or reliably access our future relative to our present.

If you believe in free will, which I wholeheartedly do, then it would be impossible to see a future. You could only see possible futures, decide which future you wanted to manifest, and take actions to make it happen.

But is the same true for future lives? Can you look beyond this life to see possible future lives?

I decided to give it a try with this particular client, so she booked another reading and instead of tuning in to her past life or her present life, I connected with her higher self and asked to be shown her next life.

When I did this, the results surprised me. I was shown many aspects of her next life.

For example, her higher self told me she would re-incarnate under certain circumstances. For this client, it had to do with people who were in her current life, and it would be very much location based.

She would choose to reincarnate to parents who would raise her near a beach, and she would choose a time that coincided with the return incarnation of her lost love in this life. Additionally, she would initially start out her life with a very physical energy, but would turn to a more spiritual path during a trigger event that was intended to happen between the ages of 18 and 24.

She would also afford herself the opportunity to reconnect with her father in this life who would end up being a potential business partner in that life. And she would make a big impact on the spirituality of others.

This sort of exploded my mind and my concepts of what is planned and what isn’t, so I had a nice conversation with my higher self, spirit guides, and the ascended masters to explain to me how this all works.

What they explained was this. We only incarnate with an intention. So for this client her intentions would be to live a very spiritual life, near a beach, with her lost love, and her father from this life would help her manifest a business around her spirituality.

But once she incarnates into that life, she won’t remember those are her intentions. Her spirit guides will remind her, her higher self will infuse her with directives, and she will feel instant connections with the people she intends to meet.

But none of it could manifest. That’s the danger and the thrill of free will. You can carry your intentions into this life and have none of them manifest if you are not allowing yourself to be guided by your intuition, your higher self and other helpers on the other side.

That’s how it is in this life. You came in with intentions and your soul is trying to manifest them, but free will can take you off course.

This same client booked another session and asked me the most amazing question. “Can you see what might knock me off course in that life and cause me to be unable to manifest my goals?”

So I tuned in again and sure enough, just like I can read trajectories in a present life, I was able to see what challenges she would face in that future life. I could see her choice points. I could see what she would have to do to stay on course and manifest her best life possible.

We were both fascinated by what I was seeing.

So then I asked the guides “What good does it do us to know what troubles she will face in her future life? She can’t do anything about it now.”

To which they contradicted me and said, “What knocks her off course in that future life is what is knocking her off course in this one. If she can overcome it in this life, it won’t manifest in the next one. If she can release the fears, the limiting beliefs, the wounds, and anxiety she carries in this life, it will make it that much easier to move forward quickly in the next life.”

We had to sit with that one for a while. This particular client was very committed to her actualization in this life. She wanted to clear past life traumas, she wanted to learn how to manifest easily in this life, and she wanted to remove or reduce her fears and limiting beliefs before she died.

So I worked with her many more times in the course of a year on what was happening to her in this life with the understanding that it would free her up to move faster in the next life, not to mention help her in this life.

We ended up getting her to a point where she had processed all of her wounds, issues, fears, and anxieties from this life, and then she began quickly manifesting and creating the life she truly wanted.

She was a powerhouse! I had never seen someone do this and I was so humbled by being able to connect with her guides to help her through this process.

I saw her transform from someone who was anxious, upset, angry, and scared into a woman at peace with herself and her past.

Although she has since passed away, I know she will enter her next life from a powerful place. I know that when the time is right, she will reincarnate and will make a profound impact on the planet when she does. She is ready!

What does your higher self have in store for your next life? How interesting would it be to know if there is something in this life you can clear so that your next life is a little easier?

It might be worth exploring in a reading. Or if you know how to tune in to your higher self, ask and see what you’re told. It could change your present and future life.

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