What Language Do Spirit Guides Use to Communicate Clairaudiently?

During readings, spirit guides use different ways of sending me messages.

When I am tuned in clairvoyantly, I see metaphorical images that I must interpret. For example, they’ll show me an image of you in a turbulent ocean trying to keep your head above water.

When I receive messages clairsentiently, I get feelings in my body. For example, if my client wants to know if they should take a new job at a new company I may feel a sense of dread in my stomach, or a strong sense of disappointment.

When I receive messages claircognizantly, I am given an instant download of information that comes with a sense of certainty that cannot be denied.

But when I receive messages clairaudiently, I hear word for word what your guides want to tell you. It’s like having a full conversation with someone standing right next to me. So if I’m asking whether my client should take the new job, I might hear, “Absolutely, yes. It’s closer to home, the money is better, the fulfillment will be higher, and it’s going to put her in contact with someone very beneficial to her future goals.”

Clairaudient messages are fantastic because they require no interpretation. It’s one of my favorite intuitive modalities for this reason; there is no ambiguity in the message.

I also use clairaudience to speak to deceased loved ones in the exact same manner that I speak to a client’s spirit guides.

And so it was that I was doing a mediumship reading for a client in Poland. I was communicating with a deceased grandmother and she was using clairaudience to send me word for word messages. My client asked me what language her grandmother was speaking since she didn’t speak English when she was alive.

Spirit guides and deceased loved ones aren’t actually using language, even when I’m getting clairaudient messages in English, which is my native tongue. They are sending the information as energy.

An intuitive’s gift is being able to translate all messages into language which can then be conveyed to a client.

So it doesn’t matter what language a spirit spoke while they were incarnated. On the other side, they are conveying information through some sort of energetic transfer, and it’s up to the living intuitive to translate that into language.

If you are using clairaudience to tune in to your helpers on the other side, and you happen to speak multiple languages, you may notice that information comes to you in either language. That’s not them sending you information in that language, that’s your filter taking the energetic download and translating it into a language you understand.

It’s really a fascinating experience to be able to receive a download from the other side. Guides use various modalities to convey information so it’s helpful to be fluent in all modalities so you don’t miss guidance.

To learn more about how to communicate directly with your spirit guides, higher self, ascended masters, deceased loved ones and more, check out my Intuition Development Program, an online course you can go through at your own pace.

Your spirit guides are continually broadcasting information to you that will help you on your path. Being able to receive those messages is invaluable.

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