Do Intuitives Set Personal Boundaries?

People often ask me how I use my psychic abilities in my everyday life. They want to know if I set any kind of boundaries for the use of my “powers.” Here’s where the lines are drawn, at least for me.

Are you able to read people without their permission?
Everyone has some level of intuition when it comes to people. You’ll notice that when you first meet someone you’ll get a vibe on them. You’ll know if they are warm, loving and kind, or if they are self-absorbed and narcissistic, or if they are sad and depressed.

In that sense, everyone has the ability to read someone without permission.

But a professional intuitive could use her psychic abilities to go a lot deeper than that and get more information about a person than perhaps that person would want them to know. An ethical psychic won’t engage in that sort of behavior, though. Ethical psychics respect people’s boundaries and don’t mine a person’s mind for personal information.

There are two exceptions to this, at least for me. If I am considering going on a date with someone new, I definitely do a “serial killer” check to make sure I am not putting myself in danger by meeting up with someone.

Additionally, when I assist a law enforcement agency on a criminal case, especially if there is a missing child involved, I will look deeply into a suspect’s mind if it will help find their victim before they are brutalized.

If you are a professional in any field, you may find yourself unwittingly using your “abilities” without express permission. For example, think about a pulmonologist who is out to dinner and hears someone nearby wheezing or coughing. Perhaps he’s diagnosing them in his mind.

Or perhaps you are an off duty police officer sitting at a restaurant with your family and see a shady character come into the restaurant who is acting suspiciously.

You might be a mechanic stopped at a street light and the car next to you is in desperate need of a new carburetor.

Usually you have to turn on those abilities to see deeper than the surface and the same is true for professional intuitives. I would have to delve deeply into a person’s mind to get personal information, and that’s not something I choose to do.

Do you read for your friends and family?
I do read for my family and friends when they ask me to, as long as they are not abusing the privilege. I don’t want anyone relying on me to make every decision for them. I will usually set up a formal reading with them and follow all of my usual protocols so that everything is done in a professional manner.

As with anyone, I don’t read my friends and family without their permission. I wouldn’t want them to be hesitant to interact with me thinking I am delving into their private life. So I wait until they ask.

Do you use your abilities to guide your children’s lives?
Yes, as a mother and a psychic I really can’t help but see the various trajectories my children are navigating in the maze of life. I can see when they are headed for disaster and I do my best to stop it from happening, but they are at an age where they really don’t want my advice, so that can be frustrating.

I have used my psychic abilities to know they are hurt or in danger, however. One time I had a premonition that my son was hurt at pre-school. The school called me 10 minutes later to inform me that Kyle had fallen on a curb and his teeth cut into his cheek badly enough to cause severe bleeding. We had to grab him and take him to the doctor for immediate treatment.

Another time my daughter got herself into a very bad situation and I had a compelling urge to get in my car and go find her. By the time I got to her she was near death, but we got her to the hospital in time and they saved her life. I can’t even imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t acted on that urge.

Do you ever pick up on information for a stranger, and if so do you tell them?
I always encourage my students to avoid doing what I call “drive by readings” which is when you do a reading for a person who did not ask to be read. To me it’s a huge violation of their rights. A lot of people have strong religious objections to psychics and mediums and we have to be very respectful of that.

I made this mistake early on in my psychic career. I was standing in line at a store and the cashier was very pregnant. Her deceased grandmother came to me and told me she was having a girl and they were going to name it after her. I very excitedly told this woman what I knew and she was so angry with me and so appalled that I was channeling the dead in her presence. It was a huge wake up call for me and I never did that again.

On some occasions a person’s spirit guides will go out of their way to point out someone in a crowd that they want to get a message to. But in this case, the guides will light up the person like a beacon to me and I always ask the person’s permission before I read for them. To date, everyone I have been sent to has greatly appreciated the information I gave them. So you have to know the difference between reading for someone who doesn’t want a reading versus someone who would greatly appreciate it.

Do you use your abilities in the stock market or to gamble?
I live in Las Vegas and there are ample opportunities for gambling here, but I don’t think I’ve gambled in a casino in more than 10 years. It’s just not my thing.

But one time I was with a girlfriend and we decided to try betting on a horse race. I looked at the horses’ names and one jumped out at me. I put my money on this horse, but I had no idea how to place a proper bet and I think I bet for the horse to win, place or show. Suffice it to say, the horse won, but I lost money because I didn’t bet correctly. I decided never to do that again.

I don’t use my abilities to invest in the stock market. There are too many variables involved and it’s unpredictable. But I have used my abilities to consult with Fortune 500 companies who want to discuss product development with me to see which products will be successful, or how to make a product more successful at launch. That has been very rewarding.

I don’t think I could use my abilities on table games like roulette or craps. The outcome is too variable.

In Summary
I know there are a lot of psychics out there who think nothing of ripping through a person’s mind to gather private information, and to me that is a violation of someone’s privacy. Just because you can do a thing doesn’t mean you should do a thing. With great power comes great responsibility.

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