The Deathbed Questions You Should Ask Yourself Now

If tomorrow was your last day on Earth, how would you feel about the life you lived? Did you do everything you wanted to do? Do you feel like you fulfilled your life intention? Are you proud of the life you lived? Do you feel this life was complete, or was there unfinished business?

Before 2012 my answer would have been, “No, I’m not done yet. There are things I came here to do that I haven’t done yet.”

Then I got to a point where my answer changed. In 2015, when I asked myself those questions, my answer was, “Yes, if I died today, I would feel like I fulfilled my life’s intention. I would be proud of the life I lived. I don’t think I would regret anything I’d done, but there are a few things I still think would be fun to accomplish. If push came to shove, though, and my roller coaster ride was over, I would be satisfied with the life I lived, and I’d be happy with my life.”

It feels good to feel this way. I feel like I completed a major task.

Since there are still things I’d like to do, I’ve made a list so I can work on them as I have time, energy and the desire. But to me they are icing on the cake and not the cake itself.

I invite you to try an exercise. Imagine you are on your death bed and you are reviewing your own life. Ask yourself these questions and see what comes up for you.

“Did I get to do everything I wanted to do?”

“Did I fulfill my life intention or did I choose an entirely different path for myself? And am I okay with that?”

“Am I proud of how I conducted myself on Earth this time around?”

“Is there anything I wish I had atoned for before I crossed over?”

“Will I consider this life a success or a disappointment?”

“Am I grateful for the opportunities I had to make my life great? Did I squander opportunities that were presented to me?”

If you don’t like your answers, that’s okay. You’re not on your death bed (hopefully) and there is still time to do what you came here to do, or what you’ve now decided you want to do.

No matter how much I have suffered physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in this life, I still see life as the greatest gift. What a fantastic opportunity to play in the amusement park of life. What a great place to interact with people, learn and grow, explore and discover, and experience the whole array of physicality.

I really wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love and appreciate that I had the opportunity to make my life what I truly wanted it to be.

At the end of my life I will know this:

I loved people.
I helped others who were suffering.
I provided guidance to help people have a better life.
I cared about humanity.
I lived my life in service to others.
I laughed and played and was silly sometimes.
I appreciated every experience, every joy, every great moment.

It’s the life I dreamed of, and I am so grateful to have lived it. All the rest of what I do will be gravy.

Life isn’t going to be perfect. We all know how difficult it is to be on this planet. We all suffer. We all make mistakes.

But on your deathbed, when you are finally released from this life, will you be glad about what you’ve done here with the time you had? If you answered yes, wonderful! If not, there is still time.

Don’t die with your music still in you. Play your song while there is life left in you.

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