The Surprising Truth About Who Your Ancestors Really Are

Recently I did a reading for a client who wanted to know how the actions of her ancestors were affecting her life today. She felt she had inherited some sort of family karma that she was working off; like a debt she was obligated to pay back.

She was concerned about the bad luck in her life and wanted to know if she had to appease her ancestors in some way so that she could live a happier life, or how she could make amends for their transgressions so she could transmute her family’s luck from bad to good.

I was sort of blindsided by the question for a couple of reasons.

First, there is no such thing as bad luck. There are only choices and consequences. You or someone around you makes a choice and it impacts you. Imagine you are a drop of water flowing in a river, minding your own business, flowing downstream, and all of a sudden someone throws a big rock in the middle of the river.

Your course changes. Maybe you hit the rock, maybe you flow around it. Maybe you veer off to the right or left, or maybe you crash upon the shore. That’s life. You adapt and overcome, and continue on your merry way.

But what really struck me about her question was the idea that she was bearing some sort of energetic debt on behalf of her family; her parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc.

The truth is that all of these people you call ancestors, are only related to your physical body.

When you incarnate, your soul inhabits a physical body. That physical body shares DNA with your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and so on back for eons.

Other than sharing physical DNA, your physical ancestors may have no energetic connection to you whatsoever.

Your real ancestors are the soul family you are connected with on the other side. Sometimes these souls incarnate at the same time as you and sometimes they stay in the ether while you have your life.

On Earth, you may find some of your soul ancestors in a friend, a co-worker, the homeless guy you gave money to because your soul yearned to help him, or the firefighter who saves your child from a house fire.

Your soul family are the spirits with which you have a strong energetic connection, not the people who share your physical DNA.

Now it may be true that some of your soul ancestors are inhabiting the bodies of people that you also share a physical connection with. It happens often. But if you think your ancestors are only blood-related family members, you’re doing yourself and them a big disservice.

The connections you make with certain souls transcends the physical. You will find your soul family here on Earth in some unlikely places.

I’ve had people very proudly tell me of their heritage.

“My ancestors came to America on the Mayflower.”

“My ancestors freed slaves in the Civil War.”

“My ancestors were Freemasons.”

“My ancestors liberated Jews in the Holocaust.”

It would be more accurate to say that your vessel shares DNA with people who lived during those times.

You may not have an energetic connection to them at all. And that’s fine.

Finding your soul family while you’re here on Earth is likely going to have a much stronger impact on your fulfillment level, your joy, and your sense of connection.

I’m not saying you need to cut off ties with family, or that family doesn’t matter.

What I’m saying is to spend a little time identifying your soul family – those folks you have a strong and special bond with who support and love you through life. You may have been traveling with them for eons.

When I do past life readings for people, I can sometimes see the same soul connecting with them from life to life. Sometimes it’s a momentary encounter that shifts a person’s path, sometimes it’s a life partner, sometimes it’s a boss, teacher, co-worker, or an amazing friend.

Your real ancestors are the souls you travel with. Identify them, appreciate them, spend time with them. That’s where you’ll find your greatest joy, connection and fulfillment.

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