Is There a Spiritual Significance to Repeating Numbers?

A lot of readers write to me wanting to know if the numbers they are seeing are signs from their spirit guides.

Usually it’s 444, 333, 1111, and sometimes it’s a random set of numbers but they see that same set over and over again.

The answer is that sometimes repeating numbers are a sign from your spirit guides and sometimes they aren’t, so let’s go over how you can tell and what it means.

Your spirit guides have limited ways of getting your attention since you are a physical being and they are energetic. So to communicate information to you they will come to you in your dreams, or send you strong urges or feelings they hope you will act on, or they’ll send you the same song over and over again, etc.

If you believe that seeing a series of numbers means something, they will use that channel to try to send you signs, because you’re predisposed towards viewing repeating numbers as a sign.

So if you think that 444 is significant and your guides know that, then they will try to make you see 444 to get your attention.

If you think 12:12 on the clock is a significant time for you, then your guides will use that predisposition to send you signs and signals at 12:12 or send you references to 1212 as much as they can because they know you are more likely to pay attention if their sign is preceded by those numbers.

So it’s not necessarily that the number itself is significant. What’s significant is that YOU have assigned meaning to those numbers and your guides take advantage of that.

When you see those significant numbers, think of it like the guides ringing your doorbell. They’ve got your attention because you saw the “sign” and they are hoping you will tune in to them to get the actual message, because 444 by itself isn’t a sign of anything. It’s just an indicator that you are being contacted by your guides.

So once they’ve gained your attention is when you want to tune in using your clair abilities, your intuition, to get the actual message. If you don’t know how to consciously tune in to your guides, check out my hand dandy online course, The Intuition Development Program, so you can “answer the door” and not just listen to the doorbell ringing over and over again.

When you do tune in to the broadcast, you will get the message. The message could be about anything, career, family, health, relationships, finances, anything. One way to help discern what the message might be is to ask yourself what you were thinking about at the time you saw the numbers.

Were you contemplating a career change and then saw 444? Were you thinking about the guy you are dating and trying to decide if you should continue? Were you concerned about a health issue?

Whenever you receive a sign from your guides, whether it’s a number, a song on the radio, a meaningful license plate, etc. stop and listen. Tune in. What are your guides wanting you to know?

When you get good at consciously connecting with your guides, you won’t need to see the repeating numbers or other signs. You’ll feel, see, hear or know they are trying to reach you and you’ll tune in to accept the message.

With practice you can carry them with you as you go on about your day, allowing them to send you warnings or guidance at every choice point in your life. It’s up to you how much access you want to give them.

But be careful that it’s your guides you’re hearing from. Some people do get a bit “sign crazy” and think everything is a sign. That can lead to some unhealthy behavior. You don’t want to use your guides like a magic 8 ball asking them if you should get a drink of water now or in 5 minutes.

Once you get the hang of communicating with your guides, they will be there to guide you through the maze of life, saving you from making big mistakes or small mistakes.

As for the numbers, don’t become obsessed, but recognize they are attempts to get your attention, and usually for good reason.

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