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Is it Safe to Attend a Séance?

I received a question from a reader recently. “Is it safe to be at a séance? What if the medium brings through a lower vibrational entity or a demon? Can you be possessed?”

During a seance, a medium opens him or herself to communicating with the other side. Usually the goal during a seance is to connect with deceased loved ones and bring forth their messages. It usually occurs in a group setting, and everyone is sitting around a table holding hands.

What could go wrong, right?

If the medium knows what they are doing, they will not begin a seance until they have raised their own vibration, protected themselves from lower vibrational entities, and flooded the room with either white light or asked their helpers to guard the doorway that’s going to open to the other side.

It’s extremely helpful if the medium does a little guided meditation before they begin in order to raise the vibration of the sitters around the table.

If the medium properly prepares the space and the people in it, you can expect only high vibrational beings to enter the room and communicate.

In that case, you should be safe sitting in that room and attending the seance.

Where things get dicey is if the medium doesn’t really know what they are doing, and opens him or herself to communication without proper preparation. That would be akin to hearing a noise outside your house and opening the door wide to see who is out there.

Could be a serial killer, could be a bunny.

Then, if you are sitting at the table and the door is opened haphazardly, you could face an entity that would like nothing more than to possess you, steal your energy, or hurt you.

If the medium has no bouncers guarding the doorway, and if the medium doesn’t know how to remove such entities, you could all be in for a bad time.

If you’ve ever seen a movie seance go horribly wrong, you may notice the medium often tells her guests not to break the circle. This is actually good advice. That circle you’re forming with your clasped hands can be enough to ward off an entity.

But if you break the circle or start freaking out, the entities will have a field day with you.

The medium will be the first target because they are holding the door open, and they have opened themselves to communication.

So before you attend a seance, make sure the medium is experienced, professional, and knows what they are doing. This is not an activity that should be entered into lightly.

The medium should close the circle properly before she lets her guests go for the night as well. You don’t want something following you home.

A skilled medium can conduct a safe séance. Someone dabbling with the arcane and occult can do more damage than good if they are not properly prepared. Be on guard!

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