Don’t Ignore This Warning from the Guides

One of the most common questions people ask me during readings is whether they have a romantic future with a new person they’ve met online.

When I tune in to both people I can get a download of where there will be challenges, whether or not they will be compatible, and if the person is a good match for my client and why or why not.

It can really save a lot of time, heartache and misery to find out the person you’re interested in is not going to be a good match, or if that person is going to be the love of your life.

Occasionally, though, when I tune in, I will see that a potential partner is actually a predator, out to harm my client. Their spirit guides will give strong warnings to avoid the person in question and drop them like a hot potato.

But sometimes my clients are so infatuated with the potential mate that they ignore the warnings from their guides.

One of my clients has asked me if I will share her story as a cautionary tale because she wants to help educate people about the dangers of online dating and what can happen if you ignore your spirit guides. This incident took place a couple of years ago, before Covid and travel restrictions were in place. Lena’s words are in italics.

Lena (not her real name) booked a 1-question email reading with me to discuss a man she had met online who was making her very happy. She wanted to make sure he was going to be a good match for her.

I had found Vincent (not his real name) online through a dating app and we immediately began messaging each other. He told me he was an investment banker and he lived in Dubai.

Lena lived in London and was working in a restaurant. She was 23 and eager to find love.

Vincent seemed like a dream. He was attentive, caring, emotionally intimate, sharing himself freely. He said he had business dealings in the UK and that someday we would meet. The one red flag for me was that he never wanted to video chat, but he said he was at his office and could not make personal calls during the day. I accepted this, and in hindsight that was really stupid.

When I began my reading with Lena and tuned in to Vincent, I was immediately told that this guy was not legit. He was not who he said he was at all, and he was laying a trap for her that would be potentially quite devastating.

I told Lena that he was not remotely who he claimed to be and that her guides were giving her strong warnings to stay away. They told her if she continued down this path with him that he would take advantage of her and possibly even harm her physically. They told her that it was in her best interests to stop speaking with Vincent and move on to someone local whom she could meet in person.

To be honest, when I received Erin’s reading I was upset. I really liked Vincent and I wanted him to be the one, my soul mate. I decided that Erin misinterpreted what my guides were saying and filed the reading away. I continued to talk to Vincent, enjoying his attention, his declarations of love, and his clear and obvious interest in me.

Then things started to happen. Vincent told me he was going to be in London on business and he wanted to meet up with me. I was thrilled. We agreed to meet for drinks at a local bar, but last minute there was a change in plans and Vincent said he couldn’t make the trip. I was disappointed, but understanding. He sent flowers to my home and I forgave him.

Then he asked if I wanted to come meet him in Dubai, and he would pay for my flight and my hotel and take care of all my expenses. I was so in love at this point, and I was excited to meet him, finally.

But there were delays and changes in plans. Finally he told me to book my own flight and hotel and he would reimburse me when I arrived. He said he couldn’t put the expense on his credit card because someone at his office might see it and he’d be unable to justify the expense. I couldn’t really afford to pay for a trip to Dubai, but he insisted it was the only way for us to meet.

So I put the trip on my credit card and got ready to meet my love. He told me we would meet his family who were supposedly very prominent in the city. He promised to wine and dine me and treat me like a princess. I was totally committed at this point and was already planning my wedding to this man.

Erin’s reading started to squirm in the back of my mind and I decided to make one demand of Vincent before I met up with him. I told him that we must video chat before I went to Dubai. He agreed and I was excited, but every time we tried to set up a call he had technical difficulties, or a sudden meeting he had to attend. When I started to express my doubts he would send me flowers or small gifts and I would forgive him.

I got on the plane to Dubai, but instead of feeling excited, I had a sick feeling of dread in my stomach. I tried to push it away and think of the romantic adventure I was about to embark on, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong.

When I landed, Vincent was supposed to pick me up from the airport and we were going to go to dinner. But when I told him I had arrived he messaged me that he got tied up in a meeting but that he was sending a car to pick me up. I told him I would just take a cab from the airport to my hotel, but he insisted that I go with his two friends who would take care of me.

That’s when it all hit me. I was alone in a foreign country, there to meet a man I had never seen in real life, about to get in a car with strangers, and I had no actual evidence this man was who he said he was. I began to panic and my body started shaking. This was wrong, I could feel it in my bones.

I found a security guard at the airport and poured out my story to him. He told me not to get into any car with strange men as I could easily be sold into the sex trafficking industry. He told me that my story was more common than I knew, and he pointed out all the ways in which these traffickers groom you for the sex trade.

I messaged Vincent and told him if he didn’t video call with me immediately that I was on the next plane back to London. He asked me what was wrong and reassured me that he would see me soon, but I told him I was with a police officer and I wasn’t going anywhere until I was sure he was who he said he was.

Silence. He never messaged back. I waited an hour and there was no communication. It all hit me like a ton of bricks. I had been lured away from my home by the promise of love, and I very naively thought this man was real.

I never left the airport. I went home, crying all the way. I lost a lot of money, but I was grateful I was intact and safe. I never heard from Vincent again. I guess in the end I was lucky, but I felt so foolish and embarrassed. I could not tell my friends and family what had happened to me. But I did write to Erin to tell her that she was right about Vincent.

Lena escaped a potentially horrific situation. I do readings for a lot of women (and men) who are being preyed upon by online personalities. There are a lot of signs to watch out for. Here are some of them.

Make sure the person you’re speaking with is real. Sometimes predators find a flattering photo of someone on the internet and claim to be that person. Video chat with someone before you ever agree to meet them.

Always meet a potential new partner in a public place where you can easily leave via your own transportation whenever you want. Never allow someone to pick you up, and never go to the person’s home on the first date.

Another common tactic is for the predator to ask you for money. Do not give any money to someone you meet online. Chances are good they are scamming you. Sometimes they play the poor victim and ask you to send them cash for a plane ticket or they will ask you to pay their bills for them.

Do not fly to another country to meet someone. This is extremely dangerous.

Beware of the “change in plans” scheme where you were expecting things to happen one way and suddenly your date wants to change plans. Always ask yourself if you are going to be safe if you follow their instructions.

A lot of these online predators work for the slave/sex trade. You would be amazed at how easy it is to lure someone in with the promise of love or wealth or status. Don’t be a victim of your own fantasy.

Lena escaped a potentially dangerous situation. In the end her guides probably saved her life. The feeling of dread she got, the panic response, and her body shaking were clairsentient signals from her guides that she was walking into danger. She stopped long enough to really listen to her gut and stop listening to the fantasy.

I’ve done thousands of readings for clients looking for love, and many of them have been one small action away from losing their money, their freedom, or their life. It’s worth it to check in with your guides before you get too far into a relationship.

Be safe out there!

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