Heading into 2021: A Message from the Other Side

I think it’s fair to say that 2020 has been a difficult year for most people. The pandemic hit the world hard, so many people lost their lives, and our way of life was massively altered.

Though there are vaccines rolling out now, it’s going to be a long time still before there is any sense of normalcy. It’s possible our way of life will be altered forever.

Businesses closed their doors, loved ones who survived COVID may be struggling with long term health issues, there were funerals no one could go to and memorials that need to be had. Weddings to celebrate.

The pandemic brought us all closer though, as is what happens during any natural disaster. Humanity remembers we are all in this together and we develop a strong desire to survive, to help our neighbors get back on their feet, to take care of each other, to empathize. Hopefully that sense of community and shared experience continues to bring us together as a species.

As we head into 2021, I want to share a message I received from the other side.

“There is a natural ebb and flow to the energy of humanity. Like waves in the ocean sometimes the tide is coming in and sometimes it’s going out. Sometimes the waters are still and sometimes turbulent. No matter what is happening in the world, we want you to remember that you are all inextricably tied together. You are tethered to each other, tethered to the energy matrix that surrounds the Earth, and tethered to the other side. You are never truly alone, though we know that sometimes it may feel as such to you.

What we want you to remember is that every thought you think co-creates your planet. Every action you take alters the trajectory for everyone. Be kind to everyone you meet. Put love and compassion into the world so that it may be reflected back to you tenfold. Do not take your lives for granted. Cherish the gift that is this life and enjoy your journey as much as you are able.

Seek comfort when you are feeling low. Connect with high vibration people who can lift you up and hold you in their light. Do the same for others who are struggling. Be a light for them in their darkness. Share your strength with each other. Lean on each other when you need it.

Tap into Source consciousness to remember that you are loved. You are always connected to your Source and love flows freely between you.

We are always watching, guiding, and helping. You do not need to see or hear us to know that we are there. We are always sending love and support. Lean on us when you feel yourself slipping into despair. We will not ever abandon you.

This is a time for kindness. Cherish each other, help each other, come together as One. We are with you now and always.”

My advice as we head into 2021 is to hold a vision of how you want to see the world. Step into the vision and bring it forth in your words, thoughts, and deeds.

The tide is ever waxing and waning, but we can remain steadfast in our kindness and empathy. Nothing can stop us from creating the world we desire. When your actions stem from love and compassion, the world becomes a better place.

Here’s to a wonderful 2021 for us all!

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