What Happens to a Soul that Dies Suddenly?

From a reader, “My husband walked in the house after shoveling snow and dropped to the floor with a massive heart attack.  The coroner told me he was dead before he hit the floor.  Does crossing over suddenly versus slowly from an illness make any difference in the experience a soul has when it releases its body?”

Generally speaking, the afterlife experience is about the same for all of us.  Your soul releases its connection to the body, you shift frequencies, you re-integrate with the other side, greet your deceased loved ones, have a life review, and begin living again as an energetic consciousness until it’s time to take human form again if you so choose.

But it’s also true that at the moment of release people can have somewhat different experiences.

When you are dying slowly say from an illness, the release of your soul tends to be gentle.  It’s like stepping from a cold room into warm sunshine, or like putting on a warm fuzzy bathrobe after a shower.  It can actually feel pretty good to release your body if it was in pain and to step into your ethereal form which feels utterly amazing.

When you die suddenly, the connection severs instantly, which can feel a little wrenching, a little like a tear.  I want to reassure you though that this pulling, severing, tearing sensation only lasts a second or two.  Once you are disconnected from your body, you will quickly settle into that same warm, loving sensation that those who die more slowly experience.

When you die suddenly, however, there is often a time of confusion because you don’t always know what’s happening.  One minute you were thinking about what to have for dinner and the next you are looking at your body on the ground without you.  This can be mentally and emotionally jarring.

When I’ve done readings where I’ve tuned into the afterlife experience of those who have crossed suddenly, they tell me and show me that they were confused, they felt helpless, they tried to get back into their bodies, they tried to bargain with God to get back in, they followed their bodies in the ambulance, and eventually they let go and turn their attention to crossing over fully.

When you know you are dying in advance, you have time to process it, time to say goodbye to loved ones, time to prepare yourself for your crossing.  I wish we all had the chance to do that, because even though there is usually pain and suffering, the opportunity to say goodbye to loved ones is priceless.  Dying suddenly doesn’t afford us that opportunity.

One thing you can do to help your loved ones who cross suddenly is to tell them it’s okay to let go.  Often they hover because they feel they must try to console their living loved ones.  It’s better for them to complete their crossing and then tune back in to you, than for them to hover trying to make everything better. 

Don’t wait to tell your loved ones how much they’ve meant to you.  You can do a pre-cross over in a way by simply having the conversation that you’ll wish you had later. 

Death is a business no one wants to talk about, but if you’ve experienced loss of a loved one you know you that would give anything to speak to them one more time.  Do it now, before they are gone.  It will actually bring you peace later to know that they knew how much you loved them.

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