Premonitions That Don’t Quite Come True and What That Means

I hadn’t spoken to my uncle for about 4 years when I had a dream that he called to tell me he had cancer. In the dream I was so sad to hear this. He mentioned he didn’t have long to live and wanted to call his loved ones to say goodbye.

I woke from that dream so grateful that it was just a dream. Then my phone rang and it was this same uncle who I hadn’t spoken to for years. I certainly wasn’t expecting him to call me that morning, but the dream I had the night before came back to me instantly. Was he calling to tell me he had cancer?

He was not. He called to tell me he was going to be passing through Las Vegas on his way to Los Angeles and he wanted to see me and my kids. I was so relieved he wasn’t calling to tell me he had cancer, but the coincidence of him calling me at all after I had the dream about him calling me was staggering.

If you read my article, The Tug and the Ping, you’ll know that our loved ones are connected to us by energetic cords. You can tug on these cords and receive a ping when your loved ones are thinking about you.

In this case, my uncle knew he was going to call me in the morning and that sent out a tug on our strings. I picked up on the tug by having a dream that he was going to call me, but the details of the dream did not match the intended content of the call.

So what happened? Why didn’t I just dream that he was calling me to say he would be passing through Las Vegas? Why did my brain change the content of the tug?

What I think happened is that on a quantum level he sent the information that he was going to call me. On a physical level, my brain interpreted the content of the download wrong. It’s sort of like receiving a corrupted file. I got the download but my brain misinterpreted the data.

That’s my best guess as to what happens when you receive some information that is clearly sent psychically but isn’t received exactly as it was intended. Perhaps this has happened to you.

I can think of another dream I had where a white truck slammed into my house, and then the next day a white truck slammed onto our lawn but not all the way into the house. Close, but not exact. There’s enough information there to call it a premonition but it didn’t turn out exactly the way I saw it in the dream.

I think that’s also a product of free will. The truck driver got control of his vehicle before it got all the way up into our house. Maybe in another reality he did hit the house.

Premonitions are basically information being sent to you along an energetic cord. Our own preconceptions, fears or hopes can alter the information as we receive it, or perhaps with warning we can change the outcome.

It’s an interesting phenomenon though and one that would benefit from some scientific exploration.

A lot of people write to me concerned about a dream they had that they fear is going to come true. What I tell them is that it might come true, or a version of it might come true, or it may not have been a premonition at all.

You just have to always do the best you can in life to mitigate tragedies that may be coming your way. Stay sharp, do what you can, and if you can’t stop a premonition from happening you can at least prepare yourself to deal with it.

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