The Meaning of Life

Recently I sent a query to my blog readers asking them to answer the following question:

“What is the meaning of life?”

My goal was to compile the data, look for patterns, and to see what the most common beliefs were about the meaning of life.

I also asked my readers to indicate their age because I wanted to see if there were patterns related to time spent on Earth.

I received more than 400 responses in just a few days. My initial plan was to post every single response I got, but as soon as I started cutting and pasting I realized that was not feasible.

I’ve read every single submission and I can tell you that my heart is so warmed by the responses I’ve read. I am also touched by the personal notes people sent to tell me they have been positively affected by my blog. I am grateful to be making a positive impact on so many, and I greatly appreciate your encouragement to continue.

Now let’s get to the data, then I’ll share some thoughts of my own.

In total, I received 424 responses.

302 (71%) mentioned love, learning to love, or experiencing love as the meaning of life.
232 (54%) mentioned that finding and experiencing joy and happiness were key.
189 (44%) mentioned that life was a school, we’re here to learn lessons, and grow and evolve.
102 (24%) mentioned that helping others was a big part of the meaning of life.
88 (20%) mentioned we were aspects of God experiencing physicality.
54 (13%) said life is what you make it or some variation on that.
23 (5%) said life had no meaning.

And 1 intrepid young man said that the meaning of life was to have as much sex as possible. Get it, bro!

The majority of respondents felt we had free will and that we determine our own life paths. A small percentage believe that all of our actions are predestined and we are at the mercy of fate.

With regards to age, the two things that stood out for me were that people above the age of 50 were more likely to say the meaning of life was to love or learn how to love or to experience as much joy and happiness.

People aged 30 or younger were more likely to say life is a school, we’re here to learn lessons, and to evolve over time.

I found that interesting as well. It would seem that as we get older we let go of the idea that we have to prove something, and lean more towards the idea that happiness, love and joy are paramount.

I’ll share my answer to the question, “What is the meaning of life?”

I think we are aspects of Source that incarnate to experience different parts of physicality. I believe we have free will and that once we are dropped off on this planet we get to create the life we desire. I believe that love, joy and happiness are the secrets to a wonderful life. And while I believe we learn a lot while we are here, I do not believe there is some criteria that must be satisfied for us to evolve or become enlightened; I believe we are all enlightened and have just forgotten.

I do agree that life is what you make it. Your attitude and expectations have a lot to do with what you will experience on Earth. I have known people who have suffered terrible torment during their lives but are still happier than people who appear to “have it all.” The lens you carry determines how you view your existence, and you can change the lens any time you want to have a new perspective.

I want to thank everyone for participating in this discussion. I anticipate doing something like this again. I love to hear your thoughts on spiritual matters, and I love to know what you guys are experiencing.

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