Will Humanity Ever Evolve?

Periodically I get email from readers asking me if humanity is ever going to evolve? Will we get to the point where we stop hurting each other, where we take care of our planet, and take care of our people? Will we share resources among all of mankind or continue to play the “every man for himself” game? Will we ever have world peace? Will we stamp out poverty and famine? Will we conserve our resources instead of raping the planet for all its worth?

All good questions.

Here’s what we need to understand.

We are co-creating our reality. Every human alive today is contributing to the tapestry that is our world. Every single person is a thread that gets woven into the tapestry. If you stand back and look at the world as a whole, you will see the bigger picture. You will see what we have woven.

If you look at some aspects of the tapestry you will see war, death, and violence. You may see pain, fear, enslavement. Famine and disease. Drought.

But that is not the whole of our tapestry. If you look, you will also see love, compassion, and people caring for those who can’t care for themselves. You’ll see innovations in science that cure disease or make life easier for people.

You’ll see humanitarian aid and relief after natural disasters. You’ll see fundraisers for total strangers who need help with medical bills, or housing, or funeral costs.

You’ll see people actively working on society’s problems.

It’s not all doom and gloom. There are more people in the world doing good than harm; it’s just that we tend to get focused on tragedies, disasters, and what’s falling apart. Sometimes we forget to see what’s falling into place.

Let’s go back to the concept of co-creation. Every person alive today brings their own energy to this creation. Everyone is weaving their thread into the tapestry to create the bigger picture. It’s difficult to force other people to change their trajectory. You’ll know this is true if you’ve ever tried to discuss politics on the internet or sway someone with a firmly held belief to change their mind.

All you can do is to be in the world what you want to see in the world. Stand as an example. Show people what it looks like to live in a world of compassion, love, and service to humanity. Let them see an example of what it would look like for them to lay down their arms or share their resources with others. Let them see what it’s like when everyone has what they need to survive, and how the planet can thrive if we stop tearing into it.

Instead of tearing down what you hate, create what you love and invite people to share it with you.

It’s slow going, but it’s fully under your control. And the more people that step into this wonderful creation, the more others will want to be a part of it too.

It will take time. Possibly hundreds of years. I am not daunted by that prospect at all. While I am living on Earth I will do what I can to create a harmonious planet. And when I leave, I leave knowing others are still working on the solution. Then, when I reincarnate, I will take up the co-creative process again.

On and on until we shift the planet.

Be the change you wish to see. Live like the planet is already running smoothly, and you will see positive changes all around you.

Infuse your children with a sense of compassion and care for humanity. As they grow up, they will weave love and compassion into the collective tapestry.

Humanity will be what we make it. If we want it to evolve, we must evolve to embody the attributes we want to see. Ask yourself how you are contributing to the co-creative process. What are you weaving into the tapestry? Where could you make changes that bring about a new world faster?

Give it some thought.

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