Dream Talks with God

When I was a little girl I shared a room with my twin sister, Nicole. We were little chatter boxes, always talking before we went to sleep and talking in the morning about our dreams.

One morning I said to my sister, “I think at night I talk to God, but he makes me forget what we talked about when I wake up.”

She said, “Why would he talk to you and then make you forget your talk?”

I said, “I think he doesn’t want me to know he’s really there.”

She said, “That’s weird. Why can’t you know he’s really there?”

I replied, “I think he wants to tell me things, but I’m not supposed to tell other people that I talk to him.”

We left it at that. I was four years old and that was the extent of my understanding about what was happening.

So this whole memory popped into my head the other night and I wanted to explore what was likely happening.

It was around the age of 4 that I began developing and expressing my psychic abilities. I was having conversations with my deceased relatives in my dreams, I was having premonitions about things that were about to happen, and I was able to pick up on the surface thoughts of people around me with astounding accuracy.

At night, my dreams were vivid and rich. I remember having these ongoing dreams where I would sit in a classroom while someone instructed me on how the universe worked, how to access my psychic abilities, and how to tune in to the energy in the universe.

I remember there were about 30 children in the classroom with me, and we were all learning together.

Of course, at that age, I thought they were just dreams, and I took note of the repetitive nature of the dreams, but never really thought I might be receiving instruction. Not from a dream.

Now, as an adult, I believe that I was connecting with teachers, helpers, and guides who were spirits. I believe these spirits were there to remind us how to use our energetic gifts while incarnated.

I recall that when I became a teenager the classroom instruction changed to more practical applications of what we were learning. I also started recognizing my classmates and developing dream relationships with them.

When I learned and eventually mastered lucid dreaming, these classroom instruction “dreams” were even more effective because I could remember every single detail of what I was being taught. I didn’t suffer from the haze that comes with waking, where most people forget their dreams. I was able to participate in the lessons more consciously.

Eventually, when I was in my 30’s, I started having dreams that I was instructing a new class of young people. I taught the younglings how to lucid dream, how to become conscious in their dreams, and how to leave their bodies. At the time I thought they were just dreams; I didn’t really think I was teaching real people how to do these things.

In my 40’s, things changed again. I started having dreams where I would meet with influential people on Earth and talk to them about their plans and politics. I would impress upon them the importance of oneness, compassion, and connection. I would even give them readings in my dream. I knew they were dreaming too but it seemed like a good place to interact with their subconscious minds and hope they would remember our talks on some level.

When I think back on this night time training, the dream talks, the spiritual instruction, I believe now that it all really happened and wasn’t a dream at all. I don’t know if I was talking to God (Source) when I was a little girl, but I think I was definitely speaking to my spirit guides, my higher self, and maybe an ascended master or two.

I believe that when lightworkers come to Earth they receive support from the other side; reminders of their abilities and their connection to Source and other helpers on the other side. We are never just dropped off here without helpers. I think they remind us why we chose to incarnate.

I am curious if any of you remember receiving instruction as you grew up. Does anyone else remember the classroom? The training? The connection and love?

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