10 Things You Should Know About Being Dead

One day it’s going to happen. You’ll croak, pass away, slough off your mortal coil, take a dirt nap. No matter what, you will eventually die.

So what awaits you on the other side? What will “life” be like when you’re dead?

Here are 10 things to expect when you reach the great beyond.

You Will Reunite with Loved Ones
Often times our deceased loved ones are the ones leading us back to the other side right after we pass. Sometimes one person leads you across and sometimes your guide or an angel leads you to your posse. But you will reunite with all your loved ones from this most recent life, and it will be wonderful.

You Will Reconnect with Souls from Other Incarnations too
Now, what you may not remember is that the people you lived with and loved in this life aren’t the only people you’ve ever lived with and loved. Your past incarnations included oodles of people with whom you developed a strong connection. All of them will also be waiting to greet you when you reach the other side. Yep, it’s a party! This can go back thousands of years, so you’ll be reacquainting yourself with loved ones for a while.

You May End up with a Job
Gasp! What is this? A job? No way in hell, right? Well as it turns out there are a lot of “positions” that need filling on the other side, and you may decide you want to help out. This is by no means mandatory so don’t stress about it. No one is going to make you do anything, but some souls do choose to take on a role or responsibility once they get re-settled.

You can be a spirit guide for someone who wants to incarnate. You can be a librarian of sorts working in the Akashic Records. You can act as a guide for new arrivals, like part of an orientation committee. I’ve seen some souls act as counselors to those who cross over due to suicide, and I’ve seen souls who help out where there is a major and sudden disaster that kills thousands of people at one time. If you want to continue to serve humanity or your fellow souls, there is a place for you.

You Will Look in on Your Loved Ones … Sometimes
A lot of people on Earth hope and pray that their loved ones are watching over them from Heaven, and to some extent they absolutely are, but not all the time. Souls are busy on the other side and they generally don’t have the time or inclination to follow you around 24/7.

To be fair, do you call your loved ones every hour of your life to check in on them? The same is true on the other side. You will absolutely tune in to your living loved ones periodically to see how they’re doing, but you’ll also be busy with other tasks and activities. It’s your choice how much and often you engage.

You Will Remember Who You Really Are
One of the greatest things that happens when we cross over is that the veil is gone. We are no longer the character we were playing in this life; we go back to being the actor who took the part in the first place.

You will remember who you are, who you’ve been, why you incarnated, who your loved ones are, and you’ll remember how this whole thing works. You will appreciate the life you had and understand how your choices led to outcomes. You will review and look back on what you did, and look forward to the role you will play next. You will merge with your higher self and be at one with your oversoul.

You Will Meet Your Spirit Guides
Included in the meet and greet you get when you die is the opportunity to meet and thank the spirit guides who spent your life guiding you on your path. This is a special reunion. These folks devoted a great deal of time and energy to guiding you through the maze of life. Finally meeting them “in person” so to speak will be beautiful and eye-opening. Look forward to it. Maybe bring some flowers or a fruit basket. Be cool.

You’ll Be Let in on Some Major Secrets
Once you’re back in the ether you get access to a lot of really cool information. Want to know who built Easter Island? Who killed JFK? How the dinosaurs bit the dust? You can peruse the archives and watch “Earth TV” to your heart’s content.

Your Previous Life is Now a Streaming Service
First you get a life review which will show you what you did in your life and how it affected you and those around you. Additionally, you can consciously peruse aspects of your own life. Can’t remember the name of your first crush? Watch it unfold. Want to know what happened to that girl you dumped? You can see it. Want to relive and rewatch the birth of your babies, your wedding, birthdays, gatherings? Or that one time you and a buddy shoplifted some much needed beer? All available to you. Free.

You Will Commune with all Souls
The ether is vast, and the well of souls is infinite. When you go back to the ether you are going to hear a song that is sung by all the souls. This Soul Song will weave its way through everyone, like drops of water make up an ocean. You will be connected to all. You will be one with the universe; part of the fabric of humanity. It’s a beautiful, safe feeling. You will like it and you will add your voice and uniqueness to the song.

You Will Want to Come Back to Earth
This is the one that brings out the pitchforks and protests. “Erin, under no circumstances will I be coming back to Earth. Girl, you crazy!” There is only one problem with that. I’m not crazy, and you will want to come back.

Right now you are thinking about how difficult life can be. The pain, the hurt, the fear, the uncertainty. The disappointments, the break-ups, the losses. It’s part of the package. We come here via our own free will. We come to experience physicality, knowing in advance that physicality can be quite painful, but also knowing it can be incredibly amazing, pleasurable, beautiful, and loving.

Your higher self is not afraid to suffer. This life you are living now is a momentary blip in your entire soul cycle. Your higher self relishes the challenge, the opportunities, the unique experiences this life can bring. If the world isn’t to your liking, get busy making it better for the next time you visit.

I read this quote when I was young. I don’t know the author but it has stuck with me for a long time.

“If every 10,000 years a bird dropped a feather on a mountain it would be but a fraction of a second in eternity.”

There’s only so much time you will want to sit in the ether playing your harp and eating calorie-free cheesecake. At some point you will want to take on another role in this game called Life, and you will come back. Eagerly. No matter what awaits you. You’re that brave.

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