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What Do the Guides Think of Unrequited Love?

I read for a lot of clients who are in the unfortunate situation of being strongly in love with someone who does not love them back.

This situation causes tremendous stress and grief on the person, and their questions generally reflect a strong desire to know how to get their love interest to love them back.

I’ve learned a lot from people’s spirit guides about what is happening energetically when there is unrequited love, and I want to share those insights with everyone in case you or someone you know is experiencing it.


In some cases, you and your love interest share a strong connection that started while you were in the ether.

You are part of the same soul group or soul family, so when you meet this person on Earth there is an instant sense of familiarity.

“The moment I met him I felt like I knew him.”

But just because you know each other doesn’t mean you were meant to be romantic partners in this incarnation. Familiarity does not necessarily mean you are right for each other, but one can easily confuse familiarity with the idea that a person must be a soul mate.


Similarly, sometimes when you meet someone, you remember that you did indeed intend to interact with each other romantically in this incarnation, but the other person does not remember the intention.

So you are pursuing them with the full support of your guides and their guides, but the person is not awake or aware enough to remember the “plan” and they do not share the same goal.

This is an unfortunate situation which I have seen many times in readings. Their guides will do what they can to trigger those feelings of love, but free will on the part of the other person trumps all.

The other person – your intended – may be in another relationship already (albeit a bad one) and just may not notice you or care about the intensity of your feelings.

Sometimes this memory kicks in later, and sometimes you can enter into a romantic relationship. But sometimes it just doesn’t happen and there is nothing you can do to force that connection.

Free Will

I’ve also seen situations where two people DO come together romantically and all seems well, and the birds are singing, and the angels are rejoicing, but then one person makes a free will decision to end the relationship and essentially nukes the whole intention from orbit.

For example, a couple is experiencing strong feelings of love and connection, but one person develops a drug addiction, or a gambling problem, or someone decides they don’t want children even though there was an agreement to become parents.

This is a situation where desires, habits, or a strong change in a person’s intended path can take a great relationship and suddenly end it.

This can leave the other partner feeling betrayed, bereft, and forlorn. What was once a fantastic relationship is pulled out from under them, and they are on the proverbial floor grief-stricken over the loss.

Love is Blind

Another situation I encounter is when one person feels a desperate need to just be in love, with someone, anyone. Their desire for love can cause them to imagine a connection where isn’t one.

You see this situation with obsessive people who latch on to a single person and decide that that person is their soul mate. Relentlessly they pursue that person, sure that their love will be reciprocated, but it won’t.

This can lead to destructive behaviors like stalking or holding space for a person who is never coming. Being madly in love with someone who does not care for you can cause you to put your life on hold when you could be pursuing someone who wants to be with you.


Your guides want you to remember this. There are no soul mates. There is sometimes an intention to connect romantically with a certain person, but sometimes that ends up not happening.

You must not get so focused on one outcome that you ignore possible connections with other people. Even if you intended to connect with someone specific, and that person rebukes your love, there are plenty of other people with whom you will find great compatibility.

So, if you’ve done all you can to make a love connection and it just isn’t working, move on. Find someone who is ready to love, cherish and adore you. It’s best for everyone involved.

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