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Can You Send Healing Energy to Another Person?

Recently a reader asked me this: “My sister is hurting right now both physically and mentally. I would do anything to help her with her pain. If I send her healing energy, will she receive it, and will it actually help her heal?”

Generating and sending healing energy to another person is somewhat easily done, but having a person receive that healing energy and having it impact them depends on a number of factors.

To send healing to another, you must connect with the energy of Source, the universe, or the energy matrix that surrounds Earth.

This takes some practice, but intention is a big part of it, so intending for it to work is half the battle. The other half is learning how to pull or invite energy outside yourself and direct it towards another.

Generating and sending the energy doesn’t guarantee that a person will receive it and accept it. A person is a like a cup. If the cup is empty, it’s pretty easy to pour something into it. But if the cup has a lid on it, no matter how much liquid you pour, it’s just going to run off the sides.

So, first you need to find out if the person you want to heal is willing to be healed. Sometimes people say they want healing, but they are not ready for it. Sometimes people hold on to their pain because it serves a purpose. And sometimes people simply don’t believe they deserve healing.

So if you’re pulling all this energy out of Source, the universe, or the energy matrix and the person you want to give it to is not receiving it, it won’t work.

Before you go to great lengths to send healing to someone, talk to them and see if they are receptive to it.

The most ideal situation is to send healing at the same time the person is consciously ready to receive it. That’s like them removing the lid off their cup at the same time you are getting ready to pour healing into it. This has the greatest chance of success.

Second to that is to get an agreement from the person that they do indeed want healing, and then generate and send healing at a time that’s best for you.

One important aspect of healing is to make sure there’s no hole in the bottom of that cup. A person may be willing to receive healing but may not be able to hold onto it for long.

This happens when a person claims they want to get better but does not take any action on their own behalf to heal, or to change the behavior that caused them to need healing in the first place.

For example, if you’re trying to heal a person with a heroin addiction and that person is not ready to give up the addiction, they may let you pour energy into them, but it will seep away the moment they go back to the heroin.

Healing another is tricky business. Sending energy to a person is a nice gesture but is often ineffective.

Sometimes the best way to help someone heal is to be there for them, listen to them without judgment, see if you can help them in some tangible way, and support them emotionally or physically as they go through their trial.

Kindness and empathy are quite healing in and of themselves.

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