The 3 Things that Impact Your Life Trajectory the Most

I’ve been an intuitive counselor since 2006, and I’ve read for tens of thousands of people.  As such, I get to be present to hear people’s spirit guides give advice about major life decisions.

In that time, it’s become very clear to me that there are three things that can completely and irrevocably alter your life trajectory.  

Deciding these three things has more impact on your overall enjoyment of life than any others.  

Your guides want you to give very conscious thought to these areas before you take action.  That doesn’t mean you can’t alter your path if you find it’s not making you happy, but you will save yourself tons of time and tons of hurt if you think carefully before you act.

How You Spend Your Days

Every day matters.  How you spend your limited time on Earth is the most important choice you will ever make.

Are you working in a job or career that brings you joy?  Do you wake up each morning enthusiastic about the work you do to put food on the table and keep a roof over your head?

Do you get down time, free time, and play time?  Do you get time for self-care?  

When your head hits the pillow at night can you say with sincerity that your day was awesome and you can’t wait for tomorrow?

If not, then stop.  Consult your guides.  They can help you create a path that will bring you joy, security, and stability. 

I often read for people about to enter college who want to know if their major will make them happy in the future.  

I also read for people who hate their current jobs and want to transition to something better.  

And I read for people who want to stop working but aren’t sure the best way to do that.

Don’t waste time on the wrong path if you can help it.  Get advice from your guides before another year or five pass.

Who You Spend Your Days With

Second to how you spend your days is who you spend them with.  

Are you surrounded by family, friends, and co-workers who lift you up, support you, help you, have fun with you, and are there for you through thick and thin?

Or do you find yourself arguing, avoiding, hating, or wishing some people in your life would just go away?

I read for a lot of people in toxic relationships with spouses, co-workers, friends, and even their own children.  If you’re one of these people you know that bad relationships can make you miserable and plummet your vibration on a daily basis.

Make it a goal to pull people into your life who bring you joy, and start cutting toxic energies out of your life. 

I read for a lot of people who are just starting to date someone because they want to know if that person will be a good match for them or if they need to move on.  It’s great to nip that in the bud before you are so heavily involved or even living together that it’s hard to disconnect.  

I also read for people who have been together for decades and just want to know how their life would be if they stay versus if they left.

I also do readings for people who are deciding between two or three places to work.  Your guides can tell you what it’s going to be like working for a certain boss or for a certain company.  

Take an inventory of the people in your life who are awesome and who are joy-killers, and make adjustments accordingly.

Where You Live

This one might surprise you, but where you choose to live will have a tremendous impact on your life trajectory.  

One of the most common readings I do is for people trying to decide if they should move or stay put.  Spirit guides can tell you what happens on each path so you can make a more informed choice.

Moving to another city, state or country causes a complete change in the equation of your life and that of the people you move with.

It’s no longer x + y = z, it’s a + b = c.  There are all new variables.

Moving causes changes in your career path, in your love life, in the lives of your children, in the lives of your extended family, in your friendships, in your health, and in your joy.

Do not underestimate the importance of choosing a place to live.  It can be the difference between a life of struggle and a life of happiness.

Your spirit guides are there to help you make life decisions that will bring you closer to your goals and provide you with joy.  If you can’t connect with them on your own, book a reading with me and let them help you make a life you love, not a life you only tolerate.

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