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What If You Can’t Tune in to Your Spirit Guides?

Recently I got an email from a reader asking the following question:

“What does it mean if I can’t tune in to my spirit guides?  Does it mean I don’t have guides?  Does it mean they just don’t want to talk to me?  Am I connecting wrong?  If I’m unable to hear their advice, am I doomed to receive no guidance at all?”

I can see why this might be distressing.

First, remember that you have spirit guides whether you are aware of them or not.  They were assigned to you before you were born and stick with you for life. 

In the same way your body systems function without you needing to consciously be aware of them, trust that your guides are also working on your behalf to help you manifest what you desire.

Direct communication is not required for them to work on your behalf.  In fact, most people on Earth never consciously communicate with their spirit guides and they do just fine.

Tuning in to your guides consciously can help you move towards your desires faster, however.  That’s why I’m a big proponent of learning how to talk to your guides whenever you desire.  You can find out what you need to do next on your path and take those actions now.

If you are not in conscious communication with your guides, you will still receive their help.  You will get signs, signals, and synchronicities.  You will have urges and nudges to take certain actions.  You will get gut feelings and hunches about opportunities that are presented to you.

Whether or not you follow those nudges is up to you. Life generally works out better when you do though.

So listen to your guides, and if you can’t hear them, learn how, or just be open to those hunches and gut feeling they are sending you.  But rest assured, they are there and they won’t abandon you.

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