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What If You Had a Chance to Be God?

In my dream a few nights ago a woman came up to me and said “I am going to give you the same power that God has.  I want to see what you do with it.  And I believe it’s going to help you understand an important lesson.”

I said, “Wow, okay, that would be great.  Bring it on!”

I was infused with some lovely white light, and definitely felt different.  

I said, “What do I do now?”

She said, “Think about what you want to do, then snap your fingers.  I’ll be back soon to check on you.”

My first thought was that I wanted to heal everyone who was sick.  But I also wanted to ease into the whole thing in case I messed things up, so I went to a hospital and found a patient dying of liver failure, imagined him well, and snapped my fingers.  

The patient opened his eyes and I could see his health had fully returned.  The doctors and nurses saw it as a miracle.  I was filled with delight.  

I moved on to another patient and healed them too.  

I was on a roll, so I went ahead and snapped my fingers and everyone on the planet who was sick or injured was magically well again.

Then I thought about love and how so many people are lonely.  I found a person who seemed sad and talked to them about their problems.  It was a guy who said he was in love with this particular woman and he wanted to marry her, but he wasn’t sure she loved him back.

I said, “I can fix that…” and snapped my fingers and the woman fell in love with the man and off they went to enjoy their relationship.

I found another person who was sad and who wanted to commit suicide.  I snapped my fingers and removed their depression.  Their spirit lifted and off they went to re-engage with their life.

Then I thought about war, and poverty, and famine, and disease.  I snapped my fingers and made all wars cease.  Fields bloomed with food.  Disease was eradicated instantly.

I was feeling pretty good about myself at this point and thought, “I am so grateful to have this power so I can help people and the planet.”

But then the woman came back to check on me and said, “Sit down.  Let’s talk.”

I sat and she said, “What do you think of the power you’ve been given?”

I said, “It’s wonderful.  I healed people, I helped people with their depression, I saved lives, I ended wars, and now everyone can be happy.”

She said, “It does appear that way, doesn’t it?”

I replied, “Isn’t it that way now?”

She said, “Listen to me very carefully.  The woman you made fall in love with that man is now in an abusive relationship with him.  She had been avoiding him because he was stalking her.  But she won’t leave him because you forced her to love him.”

I sat there dumbfounded.

“The man you healed in the hospital was an alcoholic and a drug addict.  He’s going to leave the hospital, start drinking again with his new healthy liver and in 21 days he will die of a drug overdose.”

“A woman you healed of her injuries now has no evidence that she was attacked and her attacker will go free to hurt other people.”

She continued, “One of the wars you stopped has now caused the country that was fighting for freedom to be subjugated once more to the tyranny of the stronger country.  They were making headway, but you stopped them and they are subjugated once more. 

The man you saved from suicide by instantly curing his depression is still in the same situation he was in and will entertain suicidal thoughts again in 2 weeks.”

She continued, “The diseases you eradicated will affect herd immunity, and now more virulent strains of disease will attack people with no natural immunity.  Millions will die.”

I stuttered, “I… I didn’t realize. What have I done? I thought I was helping people.  I thought I was bringing peace and love to humanity.”

She said, “I know you meant well and that your heart was in the right place. But everything that happens here is a result of cause and effect. If you snap away the effect, the cause is still present and will lead to the same effect again and again.

You would have to monitor every single action of every single person and every single natural event every second of the day to keep the planet ‘perfect.’ How long can you do that? You would also have to block free will to control every thing that happens. Is that what you want? Is that what humanity wants?

I thought about it and said, “No, I wouldn’t want my entire life controlled by a supreme being. Even if I make decisions that lead to painful outcomes, or even if I am struck by lightning, I’d want the free will to do as I please.”

“Now do you understand why God does not interfere? He won’t stop tragedies, he won’t stop wars, he won’t heal the sick, he won’t send you money, love, or joy. You must create your life the way you want it and live with the consequences of your actions.”

“I get it,” I said. “I guess I thought if I had the power I could make everyone happy. So how do I fix this?”

She said, “We will take the power away from you and set everything back to the way it was before we gave you this power. Appreciate life, appreciate free will.”

She pulled the power out of me, snapped her fingers, and I woke up.

The dream affected me for quite a while.  I’ve always wished for the power to heal people instantly of their pain, to stop wars, to eradicate disease.  But that’s not how the world works, nor would I want to live in a world where a God had to constantly fix my problems so I wouldn’t suffer.  

I understand that as horrible as it may be to go through hardship, it’s what forges us into stronger individuals if we let it.  This is life.  This is free will. The world is what we make it to be.

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