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How Does It Feel When a Deceased Loved One is Communicating With You?

When people pass away they will often try to send back a message to their living loved ones, usually to let them know they are alright on the other side or to send messages of love and support.

But how can you know if your deceased loved one is sending you a message?

Your deceased loved ones will use intuitive modalities to communicate with you. That’s clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance.  Let’s go over how each of those will present to you.


Clairvoyance means clear-seeing.  Your loved ones will attempt to transmit an image to you that will convey their message.  So you may see an image in your mind of them waving at you, or smiling, or hugging you.  

It may also be an image of a bird or butterfly or something specifically meaningful to you like a memory you shared or a home you lived in together.

They can send a clairvoyant message to you even if you’re not actively looking for one, but it does help the transmission if you are in a receiving mode.  

This could mean sitting in meditation and opening up your mind to receive an image from them.


Clairaudience means clear-hearing.  Your loved ones will sometimes send you messages that will sound like conversations in your head.  

Just like you can sometimes hear your inner voice having a dialogue with you, your deceased loved ones can initiate a conversation with you along the same channel.

How do you know it’s really them and not your imagination?  Their voice should sound different than yours. Their manner of speaking should be the same as when they were alive. 

And it helps if you are in a strongly meditative state before you ask to receive the message, just like with clairvoyance.


Clairsentience means clear-feeling.  Your loved ones can send sensations to your body.  So you may feel sudden chills along your spine, back or arms when you are thinking about them.

You might feel a warm energy spreading through your body.

You might feel a sudden shift in your mood to one of joy, love or serenity.  They are sending a message to you through the sensations and emotions in your body.  It should feel good and it should come with a sense of reassurance.


Claircognizance means clear-knowing.  With this modality you will suddenly know some piece of information and it will come with a strong sense of certainty that the information is accurate.

Your loved ones can send you a sort of download of information so that you know they are with you.  You won’t see, hear or feel anything, you’ll just know they are around.

You can boost your ability to communicate with your deceased loved ones and your spirit guides, higher self, and other celestial beings by developing your intuition so that you’re accustomed to receiving messages quickly and easily.

Other Signs

Your loved ones, if they are able, will send messages to you using signs, signals, and synchronicities.

For example if you lost your mom and her name was Ginger, and suddenly you see a video about a cat named Ginger, or you’re flipping channels and catch Ginger from Gilligan’s Island, or someone sends you a recipe for Gingerbread, and these all come in the same day, that’s probably your mom trying to connect with you.

Deceased loved ones like to come through your dreams as well.  If you don’t remember your dreams then you may not remember a communication from them even if they are sending you one.

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I hope that you receive strong communication from your deceased loved ones so you know they are okay on the other side.  It’s a gift to reconnect with them after a loss.

And even if you don’t personally receive communication please remember that they can hear you anytime you speak to them.  And they send you their love.

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