Past Life Themes

Sometimes when I sit down to do a past life reading for a client, the guides will send me more than one, and then I have to choose which one to “click on” so to speak, and then begin the download. But what I’ve noticed is that each of those lives has a similar feel or theme to them.  

The guides are wanting to share a theme as it’s likely going to relate to something going on in the person’s life today, and they basically don’t care which one I share as long as I share one of the ones they’re showing me.

I wasn’t expecting that to happen when I first started doing past life readings. I expected that the guides would just show me the one they wanted my client to know about.

But many people have a theme running through a lot of their lives, which I guess makes sense as your higher self chooses to incarnate often for the same reason they chose before.

For example, I see a lot of people who had past lives as some kind of healer, psychic, shaman, prognosticator, channeler, astrologer, etc.  In some lives they were put to death for their activities, and it makes sense they might want to come back and try again in a society that doesn’t kill people for being intuitive. In other lives they were revered and successful and they want to come back and do it again.

I also see a lot of people whose lives are oriented towards politics in the sense that they incarnated with the goal of changing societal norms or laws.  Their theme is about justice, human rights, and protecting and serving humanity.  They don’t always become politicians per se, but they are often outspoken orators, lawyers, peace officers, or dissidents.

Another theme I see are explorers.  These are people who use physical life to simply explore the reaches of the Earth, the oceans, and even outer space. They have wanderlust. They want to “see what’s out there.”

I also see themes related to advancing technology such as scientists, doctors, inventors, and more lately, programmers.

This isn’t to say that once you have a theme you are stuck with it for every lifetime.  Sometimes people take a break from their theme, and sometimes people develop more than one reason to incarnate.

The more readings I do, the more I understand how interwoven our current lives are with our past lives.  Your soul craves certain experiences, has certain goals.  And we use our lifetimes to express and explore them. It’s been an interesting experience to see all of this.

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