Must You Suffer?

It concerns me greatly when I’m doing a reading for a client and they say, “What did I do in a past life to deserve all the suffering I’m experiencing in this one?  And is there anything I can do to make it stop?”

The answer is that you’ve done nothing in a past life to deserve any sort of suffering of any kind in this life.  Period.

Life is not punishment for past wrongs, or rewards for amazing acts of service.  

Life is not fate or destiny.

Life is choices and consequences.  

Work hard, get a promotion and a higher salary.

Study hard, get a scholarship to a great school.

Steal, rape, murder, go to jail.

Eat sugar and never brush your teeth, enjoy that tooth decay.

Be an ass to everyone you meet, die alone with no friends.

The universe does not keep score from one life to another.  There is no one living on the planet today who is cursed to suffer (or be rewarded) for acts they’ve committed in another life.  It’s just not happening. 

You are born a blank slate.  No karmic debt to pay off.  No amends to make.  (Cue the hate mail, I’m ready for you!)

How extremely disempowering it is to walk around your life feeling like you deserve to suffer, to be hurt, to be abused, to be ignored, to be alone.  No one deserves to suffer.

If you are in fact suffering in this life, look at ways to alter your path going forward.  Take better care of yourself, work smarter not harder, dump the abusive partner, get therapy, practice self-care.  A lot of what you are suffering from is within your power to release.

Use the free will the universe gave you and make your life the best it can be.  

If you continue to carry a belief that you are being punished for actions you took in another life, you will attract more suffering.  And that is an unnecessarily cruel thing to inflict upon yourself.

Only you have the power to make this life a living hell or a little slice of heaven.  Choose your actions wisely.

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