Can Spirit Guides Read Your Mind?

Spirit guides can absolutely read your mind.

Your guides are perfectly attuned to you at all times.  They know what you’re going through, they know what you struggle with, they know what excites you, they know what you fear.  Everything.

Just as they are generating a broadcast of information that you can pick up on if you’re listening, you too are emitting a broadcast of your own.   They receive your transmission on a constant basis.

Their job is to help you find your way to your goals, so they take your current situation, commune with each other to determine a good course for you, then send back a broadcast of information to help you move in the direction of your goals.

If you aren’t paying attention to their broadcast using your intuitive abilities, you might miss something specific.  But don’t worry, you do not have to be able to consciously receive the broadcast.  Your guides are working on your behalf behind the scenes.  

So if you are struggling to figure out a college major, for example, they will still send you signs, signals, and synchronicities to get your attention.

If you’re trying to attract an amazing partner, they will nudge and guide you towards a suitable partner, or they will nudge and guide a suitable partner to you.

I’m going to anticipate a few questions and answer them.

What if you don’t have guides?  You do.  Everyone does.

What if your guides don’t seem to be working on your behalf?  They are, you may just work against them.  Isn’t it true that sometimes in life you get great advice that you just don’t act on?  They are working with you, but you may be working against yourself.

Can you get new guides if your guides suck?  You can ask for new guides, but the more likely scenario is not that your guides suck, it’s that you aren’t listening or you aren’t acting on your intuitive instinct.

Can your guides steer you wrong to teach you a lesson or punish you?  They probably could if they wanted to, but that’s not how they operate or work.  They want to help you.

What if you don’t want your guides to know everything?  Unfortunately, you can’t block them.

Do they know about my private, possibly unsavory, thoughts?  Yes, and they do not judge you.  They know how humans think and behave, and your dirty little thoughts don’t bother them.

Does calling out to your guides help in any way?  Yes, if you can get into a dialogue with them during meditation or in your dreams, you can move towards your goals a lot faster.

So yeah, your guides are tied to you pretty closely, and really that’s what you want on a soul level.  Someone looking out for you, someone helping you navigate the maze of life, and someone who loves you unconditionally.

Send them love, send them ethereal flowers, show some appreciation for being your guides.  Guides want love too.

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