Faith in Humanity

Sometimes on social media I watch uplifting videos of humans helping other humans, animals, or the planet. It’s heart-warming to see the lengths people will go to to make life better for something or someone.

Recently I watched a group of people get a beached whale back into the ocean.  I’ve seen a man rescue racoons stuck in a dumpster.  I’ve seen a stranger prevent a child from being abducted.  I’ve seen people band together to lift a car off someone pinned underneath, whose leg was on fire no less!  I’ve seen people painstakingly plant trees in areas that were devastated by fire. I saw a man in New York give his shoes and coat to a homeless man who had neither.

The comments on these videos often contain the phrase, “My faith in humanity is restored.”

And it got me thinking.

Have people lost faith in humanity?  Is this a thing?    

I believe the vast majority of humans all over the planet want to live their lives in peace and with enough resources to take care of their loved ones.

I believe kindness is our natural state of being, and if given the opportunity, people will be kind to other humans, animals, and nature.

I saw a video recently where a guy in a grocery store offered someone a hundred dollars or the person could pay it forward and he would give $500 to the next person. The person chose to pay it forward instead of taking the money.

He gave the next person the same offer, “Take $500 now or pay it forward to the next person who would receive $1000.” He also paid it forward.

It got to $10,000 before a lady finally accepted the offer for herself, crying because her medical bills were so high she didn’t know how she was going to survive.

That’s humanity. That’s kindness, compassion and love.

But what about all the “bad” people in the world who take advantage of others, who go out of their way to take more than they need leaving others with nothing?

That’s fear. And fear disconnects people from the matrix of kindness. These people are wounded.

Take a quick inventory of the people closest to you. Would they turn their back on a starving animal who wandered up to their doorstep? Would they stop to help a lost child find its parent? Would they stop at the scene of an accident to help the victims?

I’ll bet that most of the people you know would help someone or something in trouble if they could.

I have faith in humanity. When I look upon us as atoms in the cosmic body of the universe, I see a loving, kind people full of compassion.

What do you see? Where stands your faith in humanity?

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