Spirit Guides on Speed Dial

Someone asked me recently if because I’m so intuitive I consult my guides every day on big and small matters so that I can have the most wonderful day possible.

It’s a great question, and one that bears discussion.

Should you consult your spirit guides every day, every moment even, or just live by the seat of your pants?

My opinion is that there is great wisdom in consulting your guides about any major decisions in your life such as buying a new home, changing careers, starting or ending a relationship, deciding your college major, and anything that has the chance to significantly alter your life trajectory.

In fact, these are the sorts of things I do for my clients during readings.  I also consult my own guides for major decisions in my life as well.

Now what about daily?  Should you connect with your guides to get some practical advice about your day?  

For example, let’s say you’re worried about a doctor appointment.  Or you’re about to have a tough conversation with your boss or partner.  Or you’re trying to decide if you should buy concert tickets.

My opinion on that is that it is extremely helpful to discuss any topic with your guides that is making you feel concerned or anxious.  There’s really no harm.

Now what about the small minute decisions you make daily that really don’t impact your life terribly hard?

My opinion is that this is unnecessary, and if you’re not careful it can lead to dependency issues where you feel like you can’t decide what to eat for breakfast without consulting your guides.  

Most people never commune with their guides and get along in life just fine.  So minute decisions about whether to get donuts or ice cream, or whether to call your friend at 3pm or 3:30pm are probably not worth the consult.

That being said, I seem to have a constant, open connection with my guides, possibly because I spend a lot of time in the ether doing readings or talking to them about big life decisions.  

So if I’m doing something mundane like shopping at the grocery store, they will light up items they think I’ll want or enjoy having.  If I’m about to stop shopping after the frozen food aisle and they want me to continue into the household product section they will nudge me in that direction.

Even if I say, “No I am not aware of anything I need there,” they will still send me that push.  When I go in the direction they push me I invariably find something I did in fact need and I’m glad they made the nudge.

Is it life-shattering if I don’t get the item?  No.  But they’ll know I’m just going to go back later when I realize I needed it.

Another example is laundry.  Maybe I wake up on a Friday but am intending to do laundry on a Saturday.  They may say “Do your laundry now,” and there is no logical reason for this at all.  

But maybe I do the laundry on Friday, and when Saturday comes I wake up sick and couldn’t do laundry that day if I tried.  Or an opportunity comes up Friday night that requires some of the clothes I washed earlier in the day.

I want you all to know that I don’t always listen to my guides.  That may come as a shock, but it’s true.  Even when I hear them, I sometimes ignore their advice because maybe I’m tired, or I’m distracted, or I don’t care about the consequence.

I have found that ignoring advice is a great way to get validation that the advice was sound because whatever they were trying to warn me about comes to pass and I’ll say to myself, “Shoot, they were right.”

You definitely don’t want to get so entangled in getting your guides’ advice that you can no longer make decisions without consulting them, but if you’ve got your guides on speed dial it can definitely make your life run just a little more smoothly.

Play around with the level of connection you have with your spirit guides.  If you want to learn how to talk to them at will, go through my online course, the Intuition Development Program

And if you have a major life decision looming before you, book a reading with me and we’ll ask your guides together.

Either way thank your spirit guides for being there for you 24/7.  Even when you are not in direct communication with them, they are guiding your steps with practical advice designed to help you reach your goals and be happy.  They’re good “people.”

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