I’m Witchy and I Know It

“Mom!” the little boy exclaimed while pointing at me.  “That lady is a witch!”

He was pointing his delicate but decidedly judgmental little index finger at me.  Me!  Erin Pavlina! 

I had just walked into the gym (this was 12 years ago folks when I still had hope!).  I was sporting my water bottle, my headphones, and a can-do attitude, when I saw a woman leading her child (who looked to be about 4 years old) towards the gym’s daycare center.

He took one look at me, pointed at me and made his declaration.  He seemed surprised that a “witch” was in the building with him.

His mother turned to look my direction.  When she saw me being obviously un-witchy, her face melted into mortification.

“Honey,” she chided.  “That’s a not a witch.”  She looked at me apologetically with a “You know kids” glance.

But the little boy would not be dissuaded.  “Mom, can’t you see?  Look at her!”

The woman yanked her child’s arm and guided him toward the day care center, probably eager to drop him off.

I immediately went into the locker room to find a mirror.  I stood in front of the mirror and looked myself over.

To me I looked completely mundane.  Shorts, tank top, hair in a ponytail.  There was nothing weird about me, to the human eye anyway.

But that kid saw something.  I believe he picked up on the fact that I’m a psychic, and didn’t have the right word for what he saw, so he fell back on the “witch” label.

I myself often run into people who shine with a bright light and I will always take note of them and give them the otherworldly “high-sign” to show I see their shine.  

This kid had the sight.  He could see my energy, not just my body.

He saw the soul, not the vessel.

I was impressed.  Not only did he see it, he commented on it.  His energy was one of surprise, not fear.

I went on about my work out, not giving it much further thought.

What do you see when you look at people?  Do certain people just have that aura that you know belongs to someone “of the way?”

Have you ever approached someone and said, “I like your glow, sister!”

Have you ever had someone approach you with a similar comment?

I wonder where that little boy is now.  I wonder what became of him.  Does he still have the sight?  Did his mother admonish it out of him?  I hope he’s still seeing “witches.”

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