Are You Punished if You Don’t Complete Your Life Purpose?

A question a client asked me during her reading: “If I don’t complete my life purpose in this life, will I be punished on the other side when I die?  Will I have to come back and complete the life purpose in my next life?”

First, I want to reiterate that I don’t believe in life purposes in the traditional sense.  For example, I don’t believe you are bestowed with a life purpose or choose a life purpose and then come to Earth.

Instead, I believe you set an intention before you incarnate, knowing that after you arrive here on Earth, you may or may not be able to manifest that intention.  You may or may not choose to complete that life intention.  

Due to free will, you can change your mind about what you desired to experience.  There is literally no punishment at all if you do not complete a task you set for yourself before you were born.

You probably know I like to use amusement park references so here we go.

If you decide to go to an amusement park and you want to ride a certain roller coaster, you head on over to the park, excited to get on this coaster.  When you arrive, however, you find other things that interest you more. Maybe you never get on that particular roller coaster you wanted to try, but you find joy in the other rides around you.

Likewise, perhaps when you get to the amusement park you see the line is very long to get on the ride you wanted.  You weigh your options and determine you can stand in the line and get on this one ride and then have to go home, or you could hit 10 other rides that would also be fun to go on.

That’s a free will choice as well.

When you incarnate with a life intention, it’s coded in your spiritual DNA.  You will find yourself naturally gravitating towards experiences that allow you to manifest that intention.  Your spirit guides will even help get you there as well.

But along the way you might simply say, “I thought I’d want to do this and I just don’t.”  

That’s perfectly allowed.  There is no one on the other side docking you points for the choices you make.

Your higher self, the one that set the original intention, is equally forgiving if you decide to choose a different path. You can adopt an entirely new life intention when you get here.

If you’re not sure what intention you set for yourself, you can book a session with me and your spirit guides will tell you.

Another path is to look at what thrills you and excites you.  Look at what calls to you or tugs at your heart.  Ask yourself “What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?”

Ask yourself, “How would I like to show up on the planet?  How would I like to serve humanity?  Or do I just want to lay on the beach of life and get a tan and take a swim occasionally?”

Do not worry about any sort of punishment for not fulfilling your life intention.  And you absolutely do not have to try again in your next life.  You will set new intentions for that one.

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