Is It Wrong to Connect with the Other Side?

A reader sent me this question: “I would love to connect with my deceased loved ones on the other side, but I’ve been told that’s forbidden.  What is your opinion on that?”

If there is some deity out there that doesn’t want you to do something, then it’s incumbent on that deity to literally make it impossible for you to do it.  If the deity is all powerful, surely it can find a way to block or prevent activities it doesn’t want mortals to engage in?  Right?

If there is some religious figure that is forbidding it, I would question the motives of that person.  Who is he or she to block you from doing something you desire to do?  Something you are capable of even?

I have found in my experience that the other side very much enjoys connecting with us.

You’ve got your spirit guides who were assigned to you before birth to help you achieve your life intentions.

You’ve got angelic energies who are there to support you emotionally and protect you from harmful energies.

You’ve got your deceased loved ones who dearly want you to know they are alright on the other side.

You’ve got ascended masters, celestial beings, and your higher self all trying to help you understand your world and your life better.  

Why would connecting with them be forbidden?  They exist, we can reach them, and they desire communication.

What about negative lower vibrational entities?  Shouldn’t we avoid them?

You can choose to engage or not engage with anything, really.  Some people can easily handle an encounter with such a being and some can’t.

Avoidance should be a choice, not a spiritual mandate.

I suggest you practice strong psychic self-defense before engaging with a potentially harmful entity.  Other than that, go where you want, speak to who you want to speak to, and it harm none, do as you will.

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