How to Tell if You’re Clairvoyant

Clairvoyance means “clear seeing” and it’s one of the four intuitive modalities that can be used when you want to gain wisdom, insight or get advice from your spirit guides.

But how do you know if you have clairvoyant abilities?

Clairvoyance is seeing something unfold in your mind’s eye.  

So if I ask you to imagine a beach, can you do it?  Can you see the sand, the ocean, or perhaps people laying out on the beach?  

Do you have clear dreams at night?  Do you wake up able to remember exactly what you saw and experienced in the dream?

Do you ever daydream?  Do you fantasize?  

If you can do all of this, you have the ability to receive images from the other side.

Let me explain how those images may come to you.

Sometimes clairvoyants will see a scene play out in their mind, like a vision of something that may happen in the future.

But in my experience, most of the clairvoyant images I get are symbolic representations of something going on in my client’s life that I must interpret, much like you might interpret a dream.

For example, during readings when I ask for my client’s guides to tell me what the client most needs to know, often a scene unfolds in my mind.  I let the scene completely form and I watch to see what’s happening in the scene because it’s usually like a story that plays out for a time.

I’ll give you an example of a clairvoyant image and how I would interpret it.

I see my client standing in front of a blank canvas.  He wants to begin a new painting but doesn’t know what to paint.  He has limited paint to use so he has to conserve his resources and determine what colors should go in the painting based on what colors he has available.

He wants to do a landscape, but he’s so much better at doing portraits.  He’s been doing portraits successfully for years, and while he enjoys it and is good at it, he wants to try doing a landscape.  He is not super confident he can make an amazing landscape and is considering just doing another portrait because he knows it will be a safe bet.

My interpretation of this would likely be, “The job or career you have now is something you’re good at and it pays the bills, but you want to try something else.  You’re afraid though that if you stop ‘painting portraits’ and try your hand at something new that it may not pan out and you will have wasted resources (i.e. money) and won’t have enough for your needs. You’re wondering if you should stick with your current job or start something totally new.”

So I might explain that to my client for confirmation and validation and if the client says “Yes, that’s exactly what’s happening and keeping me up at night.  I need to know if I start a new job if it will work out.”

So then I go back to the guides and say “Show me how he can best transition to a new job so he continues to have an income and isn’t left high and dry.”

The scene will continue to unfold.  First, he sketches out the landscape on a piece of paper, erasing mistakes, and getting things just right.  When he has the landscape drawn to his liking, he would sketch it on the canvas using charcoal or pencil, so that he can easily follow his plan.

Next he consults with a color expert and makes sure that the colors he wants to use are going to work the way he wants them to.  He ensures he has enough paint for the landscape while also ensuring he has enough paint to go back to portraits if necessary.  

Once he’s satisfied, he starts painting the landscape.

The advice his guides are giving him is to research and plan what it would take to segue into a new career. Talk to an expert in that field and find out what it’s really like. Map it out in terms of what kind of education or certification he might need before he commits to it.  Make sure he has enough money in the bank so that if the new job isn’t working out, he can coast for a bit and hone his skills, or make sure he doesn’t shut the door on his old job prematurely.

The advice he receives from his guides is to go slow and steady, make sure all the pieces are there before he commits to the new path, and to make sure he still earns necessary income by doing his current job until he’s sure he’s ready to make the jump permanently.

You can get a reading by a professional intuitive, such as myself.  Or you can teach yourself how to connect with your guides clairvoyantly.  I go over this concept extensively in my course, The Intuition Development Program.  

So if you want to learn how to use your clairvoyant abilities you can go through the course online at your own pace, or you can find other resources on the Internet or in books to learn and practice this skill.

Whatever you decide, know that your guides are ready, willing and able to assist you on your path with practical advice and wisdom.  Ask for help when you need it.  They want to guide you towards your dream life.

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